"hey, thanks for the request brother just listened to your music. my name is Jason and i'm in tv/radio broadcasting. i noticed you have a good friend of mine as a musical influence - me and Rob Thomas are from the same area in South Carolina he's an awesome artist but more than that a wonderful person. dude good luck getting your band in place i'd say your off to a great start you sound great bro. peace"
- jason.

"Loving your stuff, keep up the good work! :)"
- Rob Thomas Fansite.

"Thanks for the compliment and am much encouraged. I will definitely not give up on it. Have a nice day - EZee"

" --- Anytime. Good on you, positivity is the key! Have a nice day too.. :)"
- Rob Thomas Fansite

"Hello! Your music is the coolest. Keep up the good work :)"
- Rob Thomas Fansite


Hi! We love your cd! We have played the whole thing. And it is now in luver’s mix. So, you are often on luver - Franke Moore.

I will be playing it on kjagradio.com and I loved the CD - James Lowe on KJAG Radio.

Sounds like our kind of music. Around the Clock. Around the world. Syndicated on FM, Satellite and the Internet - Radio Six International.

DebraFM played the entire CD the first time she played it. She still plays one of my songs every hour she is on the air. Her listeners love it! - KRRC-FM The Planet.

We are playing your new release Paradise. Love it - Dynamic Dave.


EZPowell's music is AC Pop & Rock Ballads and sometimes a bit on alternative side.


EZPowell is a musician with almost 30 years of experience in songwriting, recording, playing instruments and performing.


I write a lot, which is fun. I also play a lot of different instruments. I am mainly a singer and a songwriter. I like to front a full band when I perform. Now that's where the real fun is - singin' my tail off on stage!


All songs written, arranged, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by EZPowell himself. Some guitar recordings are subcontracted to professional musicians. Drums use the most expensive drum loops in existence from Discrete Drums and I'm always experimenting with new stuff. I'd like to get more help but musicians usually want to do their own thing, but I enjoy the composition, arranging and recording anyway, encompassing the entire songwriting and production process.


When it comes to song writing, I love melody, and harmony sometimes even more. My lyrics are intentionally simplistic. I hope to strike a chord with many - an emotion - perhaps an image in your mind. When I write lyrics intellectually, the material winds-up a little too protest-era for my taste. So I keep it simple and silly. Most of my songs are silly love songs, of one form or another.


EZee is getting good reviews. And when he gets heard, he is usually liked.


EZee has done a small amount of online marketing and even so, EZPowell is already getting repeated air play on Internet radio stations.


EZee has tens of thousands of fans at popular music fan websites, including MySpace and YouTube. EZPowell is building up a very sizable Internet footprint!


EZPowell doesn't go so far to think of himself as being unique. If you listen carefully you might hear influences from JJ Cale, Dire Straits, or even The Eagles. And then all the way through to Led Zep, Santana and Wishbone Ash. EZPowell is not stuck on the 70's, 90's, or anywhere else. He draws from influences on a whole spectrum of music from Mozart, to the Beatles in the 60s, people like Fleetwood Mac in the 70s, Roxy Music in the 80s, Jewel in 90's and even Rob Thomas post Y2K.


I am not too fussy when it comes to music. I like all kinds of music. I can usually hear something good in anything I hear on the radio. Everything on the radio is there for a reason. It has something special about it. It's there for a reason.


So how does EZPowell sound? Listen to the Latest for FREE.