Hi! We love your cd! We have played the whole thing on And it is now in luver’s mix….so you are often on luver! When you have more stuff [old or new], send it to luver! ...and could you record drops for luver? [luver is pronounced “lover.”] We need two drops. The first drop needs “you are listening to the mix on” in it. The other needs “you are listening to “Frank spins hot wax on!” Have fun and adlib! And if you let me know a couple months in advance of your coming to the San Francisco bay area, I'll try to book you on my show. We do it as a 2-hours+ live streaming video show every Sunday at 8pm on our web station [But for touring bands/artists, it may be possible to do the show on a different night.] We do it from our north Berkeley home. Then we will play it on b-tv, Berkeley's cable access channel, and archive it on our site. We archive the shows at You can perform, and I'll interview you. In Freedom, Frank Moore


A DJ in London passed me on to a soft rock radio DJ, a recommendation from a commercial radio station.


A commercial radio DJ from South Africa said EZPowell music is good!


Sounds like our kind of music Radio Six International. Around the Clock. Around the world. Syndicated on FM, Satellite and the Internet.


Very nice songs. Direct us to the downloads! We'll definitely give them a spin. Katie Cool Lady, Ozcat Radio.


DebraFM in TX played the entire CD the first time she played it, and interviewed me live. She airs from 9am to midnight daily. She sais she still plays one of my songs, once every hour, every hour she is on the air. She says her listeners love it! - KRRC-FM The Planet.


I have a new release. It's called Paradise ... We are playing you. Love it. Dynamic Dave.


WDYN Is Playing YOU ! We like your cd. Rotation at WDYN means we will keep playing your cuts for a LONG time round the clock. We are here in the studio 9 to 5, Mon - Sat, Eastern US time. If you send an e-mail to during that time we will try to play you right away. We record every show to cd, so you are played through the night as well. (Which is during the day somewhere. Thank you Web :) If you have other cd's out, please send. tched the you tube track, and I like it.


Personally, I'm enjoying "Bedroom Eyes" the most and think it would make a great fit for visitors to our site - Andrew at TV Show


EZPowell (or can I call you EZ?), I listened to some of your songs on Myspace and was really intrigued. I would love to give the CD a full listen. You can send submissions to: ... Bruce Greenberg at GRDMusic.


Hey Powell, I love your new song - life's too short. Thanks for including us.


Hi EZPowell, I've listened to some of your tracks on your MySpace. Sounds like stuff I could like. If you're happy to send a CD to South Africa, I'd be interested, and give it a bit of a review on my blog. G Simmermacher.


ABSOLUTELY!! Please email to me for radio play....BTW, got GREAT response to your song that I played on my last show!! Keep it comin.... (Jaime Paiva).


I watched the you tube track, and I like it. I will be planning to add you to the Band Wagon, a segment of my show on WWUH-FM, Hartford CT, Sat am 5am-6am, with listings in the playlist, which is on line. Hopefully if you are googled, people will be linked to WWUH's playlist and see that you are getting some attention and airplay. I prefer CDs because I can leave one at the station and the other jocks may pick up on it. If I download and leave a CD-R, it may never get attention. Plus, the data provided with the art work on the cover can be used to discuss on the air. Sam Scozzari (WWUH-FM, Hartford CT, Sat am 5am-6am, College Radio).


Hi, just to let you know your c.d. has arrived & will be playing tracks from it from sunday 23rd march. Regards James (valiantmusicradio).


I have programmed a new show on Live 365 this evening. I have included two songs from your CD: Bedroom Eyes and Quick Sand Man. I normally send out an email to a list of friends and family. Can I include an email address or link to you’re My Space page for them to reference for more info? Jude Americk.


Hi EZPowell, Just finished listening to the CD twice. I got hooked on the following four songs, "Quick Sand Man", "Fond Memories:, "Cupid" & "Wild Ride". I think my favorite might be "Fond Memories". I hear across between Ian Anderson, Mark Knopfler and Webb Wilder in your voice. I also get a Warren Zevon meets John Hiatt vibe. I enjoyed your music and I'm looking forward to newer tunes in the future. Starting Monday 17th, STEEL 93 will be playing both "Fond Memories" & "Quick Sand Man" from 7:00 pm to Midnight (Monday-Friday) & every hour & a half on the week during our "48 Hours/Indie Weekend". Thanks again for turning us on to your music! I'm sending in the mail, our stations promo disc and I'm personally burning a copy of Webb Wilders "Doo Dad" CD. I hear your voice in this album...with an up beat tempo. Enjoy! CHEERS!!! Adam Z STEEL 93 Radio.


I enjoyed the music on the myspace page and would be delighted to put it in the rotation. Lori Culpepper on Live365.


I'm just writing to let you know that we added "Bedroom Eyes" to the site and have made a blog post at We will get back to you at the end of the promotion regarding a couple of stats. Andrew, TV Show Music.


Hey EZ, Sounds like you are doing everything right. I'm posting our office policies below (my own reality). Very best wishes to you. -- JF Hello and thanks for writing to Goodnight Kiss Music and Scene Stealer Music.


I have your new CD and will be playing a track from it on my show this week. regards TONY CURRIE radio six international.


Hello EZPowell, I like what I heard, and checked you out of YouTube. "Wild Ride" would fit in with a stations format. We play the best of Classic Rock (Eagles - Seger), Melodic Metal/Rock (AC/DC - ZZ Top) and we play Indie Rock 'N' Roll from Acoustic Rock to Metal & Punk. We would love for you to send STEEL 93 some of your music. We support Indie Bands & will Play Your Music...FREEEEEEEEEE. We do it because we love Rock 'N' Roll. And, today music is unlistenable. We only accept CD's. MP3 and other download fomats will be overlooked at the station. If its out of's out of mind. Please send all music to: STEEL 93 C/o Adam Zawislak.


Got your CD. I'll play it Sunday, 03/09 after my Darius Lux interview. Bill


EZ, I Checked out your youtube & some brief clips, not bad , but Slyfoxx Radio plays rock music with more of a bite, best of luck , Sly.


EZPowell, Just need to hear the first 30 seconds of Bedroom Eyes to hear the Dire Straits mention. Great job. I would be more than happy to include you in my station, PMBR. The toughest thing these days is to get airplay in today’s limited terrestrial options for the music you make and the music I love, especially for new artists. My genre of choice is MUSIC. I try not to limit my self to just one genre, which is something the corporate radio world needs to figure out. A passionate music programmer can find places for all genres, if they know what they are doing. Jude Americk.


Hey, EZ. Thanks for the offer. I checked out your music and think there may be multiple songs worthy of airplay on my webcast, Rock from the Beach. My favorite song at the moment would have to be "Wildfire". I'd like to add that one to my playlist if you could send it to me as an mp3. I also wouldn't mind getting a full CD at some point. As far as feedback goes, the comparison to Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler is certainly accurate. I'm not so sure about The Eagles. You play all instruments yourself? Very impressive!!! The one minor criticism I have is that you tend to play one certain drum riff a lot but otherwise, you're playing is good technically. One last thing -- would you be interested in recording a station ID for Rock from the Beach? I would use it as an into to your song(s). Nothing fancy required. Just something along the lines of "Hi, this is EZPowell and you're listening to Rock from the Beach". You can get more creative if you want, but it's not necessary. Again, thanks for the contact and best of luck with your music! Regards, Jay Grandmont Rock from the Beach.


Hi, Thanks for contacting me! I'd be happy to play some of your tunes on my internet radio show, check out our station at: - I am the fill-in DJ and I will let you know when I am on the air after I get your CD and will play some of your tunes.....I will also leave your CD with the program director and the other DJ's so you'll probably get multiple air time. Thanks again, Chris.


Hey EZ, Thanks for the cd, it came in yesterday! Am happy to hear that you are getting some airplay and very good responses to your music, I'm just sorry that we couldn't help you out that way, but thanks again for the cd for my personal collection..... you rock! I wish you the very best! Sincerely, Ruby Twosday.


The MP3s I can read - the WRM wma files I cannot - but hey this a good start. I love the guitar work on Wildfire. The mastering and instrumentation is well suited to blues, and reminds me of early Rod Stewart. You have don a fine job. I am going to start promoting and playing the three tracks. Thank you. Cheers, Jody Thornton.


EZ, You do sound a lot like Knopfler. Please do. (send a cd)


EZPowell, I would like to hear your music! You don't have to be famous here; just good. You can mail a CD to my address -


Hi EZPowell, I want to thank you for your submission requesting air play, however I must tell you that as good as you are, your music is too "Classic" and "Soft Rock, Easy Listening" type of music and we don't play that genre on The Animal. Our genre is "80's 90's heavy metal hair arena" so you can see it's just not the right material for use to play. I did visit your website and listened to you music and you are very good, just not the right format for our station and I'm sorry for that. At the moment, I don't know who to send you too for some airplay, but if you mass mailed to stations, then someone out there will definitely find you. Thanks again and keep rockin'! Ruby Twosday.


Check you tube out and your stuff looks as though it would be suitable for my station 24ROCK.NET send me your cd and I will give it some air play and pass it on to others who i think may be interested Cheers Good luck and keep on Rock'in.


The CD is a great idea, you can send it to these adress: Horacio Mancilla, Mexico City.


I'm glad to hear from you. Better yet, I'm enjoying listening to your music. While I'm not an online radio station, I do offer some promotion opportunities through the website. I'd be most interested in working with you to offer a free download of one of your tracks, but we also do other forms of promotion. Find out more about our opportunities at if you haven't yet. TVShowMusic.


Hello, I'm Zack Voll, Music Director of WONB. I'd be happy to listen to your music although I don't know if it will fit our format of Top 40's. I hope that it may in the future. You can send the CD to ...


Hello Gavin, ... Thank you for the excellent music and information you forwarded to us. I'm sorry if it has taken us some time to get back to you but we receive in excess of 100 CD's and demos each week and as we are overseas in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA frequently. So office/studio time for auditioning new material only occurs 3 times a year. I have today had a good listen to your excellent offering and have replied in writing to you with a letter of offer. You should receive this in the mail in the next 7 to 10 days. We have affilliations and associations with over 60 international labels and are expanding all the time! Our work spans publishing, licensing, film and radio in many countries. Recently AMMA was appointed international representative to the very prestigious Fmi Music Market Brazilia, Brazil. AMMA also picked up AustralAsian agency for the giant UK labels Revolver Records & Heavy Metal Records. We also have several number one artist, Grammy award winning artists and gold/platinum award winning artists and writers in our catalogues/roster. Do give our letter of offer some serious consideration as we look forward to hearing more of you and your music in 2008. Kindest Regards, Norman McCourt. (Director- AMMA) (Editor- An'R artist, repertoire and international licensing).


Hey, So we just got your CD in today, its a great spin, im passing it along for a listen from the appropriate producer and we'll say if he wants to put it into rotation. Thanks! Kris Ortiz, Music Director, WRHU 88.7 FM, Radio Hofstra University.


Hey Ezpowell, I will be doing a gig Saturday night and will play some of your music, sorry it's taken so long but I haven't been to the studio in a awhile.....not sure what time? anywhere from 11pm-1145pm Chris , Home Grown NJ Radio.


hey, i downloaded the song. thanks. will give it a good listen and fit it into the programme at some time. Good luck with your songs, Wayne. Radio in Oz


Hi....your song "Bedroom Eyes" will debut tomorrow on New Music Thursday here on WRPS/WebRadioPugetSound. It will also share the stage of our 'on-demand' link from our homepage. Thanks for being a part of promotional radio on the Internet. Bud & Nancy WRPS webradiopugetsound.


Hi EZ, We are an Australian Independent Record Company, not a radio station, but I still checked out your tracks on MySpace. Pleasant enough sound but does not fall into our genres of Country/Rockabilly/50's Rock 'N' Roll. We wish you well with your CD. Regards, Sheila - Pinewood Records.


Glad to hear that you have high hopes and a very positive attitude, you have to have that in this business. It's hard work getting you music out and I too think you have something, you just have to keep following that desire to continue upward in your endeavors. I wish you all the best of luck and if I think of anyone else that could help you possibly, I will let you know. Have a great Sunday! Don't lose the faith! Ruby.


Hi . Had a listen to some of the samples , if you can send them as mp3 files , i'll play some of them on the station as well on a couple of shows i do , one of them is syndicated around the world. you can send mp3's to this e mail ...


I'd be glad to give a listen to your cd. It isn't in my genre, as you say, but my husband and his friends are great fans of your type of music. I could certainly listen to it and pass it on. Occasionally I sub for others and could give your cd some play then.


Well, from what have been able to hear, sounds like you have a good sound. However, we are a Christian station and only play Christian music. So, good luck .... there are a lot of other stations that will probably give you a spin. :)


Thanks for your submission request. It's greatly appreciated. I've been to your site and listened to your music and personally I think you have a great sound. I do have to agree that I hear a bit of Dire Straits sounds to your music and that's great, one of my favorite bands of the classics.


Hello, I have taken the time to personally go to your myspace and take a listen and review your music. What I heard sounds good but unfortunatly your style of music does not fit my genre (Country) and im afraid that we are unable to play it on Super Country Hits.Com at this time. But I thank you for taking the time to submit your work to us and please do not let this detour you from your work and if you pump out a country tune in the future please do not forget about Super Country Hits.Com. Thank You Ray Chest Owner/Programmer Super Country Hits.Com.




"Hi, Your CD is being played on Monday Morning in our Breakfast Show ... I think it has a lot of potential - Cheers - John Farmer on KBON 101.1 FM Radio.


We did check out your music and liked it. You can use the following for a quote if you wish: "The EZPowell Band is a rare mix of blues, indie, and the classic jam bands from the past. It only takes one listen to get you hooked on their unique sound, and leave you wanting more." Jesse from Tornado Stream Radio.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - Gavin Powell - A demo CD from Margate's Gavin Powell. One thing I have noticed is just how many musicians end up in the computing arena - just like Gavin (and me and my mate/bassist Dave and Jon Noble and hundreds of others). So, does he have any talent? Yes, he has a good, low voice that really comes out in the opening track Bedroom Eyes in a Dire Straits/Lambchop combination. By the 3rd track Wild Child he begins to sound a bit cabaret/torch. But this is rescued on the rest of the songs. I can't decide whether this is Chris Rea or Deep Elem (I hope the latter, but I don't hate the former). - posted by Cool Noise at 11:14 PM - The dude who runs the radio station is my guess, Cool Noise.


Your three song demo arrived this morning. The first song is not recorded well enough to consider for release. It sounds like amateur equipment was used. The voice and accompaniment are badly out of balance. The voice sounds like it has an echo that isn't in synch with the lead. The second song is much better. The voice is still out of balance with the accompaniment. It is better in the last part of the cut than it is at the beginning. Wild Ride was much better. I like the rock beat. All in all I would say you show promise. I would suggest you get some good ears to help you get the balance right. Fill in more of a pad beneath the vocal in order to fatten the sound if possible. - an anonymous Indie Label reviewer.


I checked out your stuff and it's got a good sound. I don't know if it's something I'd be interested in because I only handle CCM acts, but I think that if you get it out there you'll be able to develop a good following with it. I don't know that I have anything to say as far as a critique goes. I didn't have time to listen to all of it but what I did hear sounded good. It's a folk/blues/classic rock sound that's really low key. Almost like a Clapton unplugged kind of thing. That's what I heard when I listened to it. - an anonymous Indie label manager.


"Hey got Wildfire playing on our site. Love it! Allene & Scotty


"Hi my dear friend! Music still as gorgeous as ever? Here everything is ok. Doing good now, after a somewhat rough periode of time. So glad I had your music to help me through it all! Kiss the family from me! Take care, Karin"


"great music...welcome to my friends!!!" Mauro Arno


"very good music!!compliments" jeffrey


Sounds good! keep it up brother. Peace, PapaKabbalah."




"Hi Ez Powell,thanks for the request.I had a good time listening to your music.I love it !! Thanks a lot for letting me discover you talent ! Best wishes to you !!! Guy "


"Thanks for sharing your GREAT music with me!! ~ xodb" - Dreambird


Buona musica - LIAR


Nice Sound and Groove ! Rock on ! - Norman Guy"


"Hi! Thank you for having me among your friends and sharing your lovely, inspirational music with me. I hope you are creating a PHENOMENAL year that brings you many rewarding experiences, lasting connection and time spent with those who appreciate you most! Expect 2008 to drop a multitude of lucky surprises into your lap... --Arainia :)"


Got a good sound. Very impressed that you've done it all yourself. Stealing ...


"EZPowell -- Hi there, and thanks so much for sharing your nice music with me. It is an honor to be your friend. - Essie the Blues Lady


heyy - thanks a lot for the add - you have nice music - kisses and you have total support from myself - bye" Angela


"Great stuff! Thanx for the request and you're a model for anyone who wants to make it in this biz... Pro-Active musicians rule!" Scratch Pad


"Beautiful music and a pleasure to listen to ....Respect Welcome to you and your friends on my page about a french woman singer: SKYE. Souvenirs from France, J-J"




I really like your music. Eric


Great songs and playing, The Eagles and Dire Straits definitely spring to mind with your music. Bedroom Eyes in particular, is very Knopfleresque. sketchy


A pleasure to listen to, I will come back and listen often! Best regards Sketchy"


Bob Starling and the Fez-ets's Comment:


"I still love your music, Lifes to short is amazing. As soon as you are descoverd by a record company you will be up with the stars! Please carry on playing, you are so talented!" Bob Starling




"I like your music - it's great - LOVE... kiss from France."


"Thank you so much for the R! Very very nice music you got here! It reminds of Dire Straits but of course it is different and refreshing! Greetings from Serbia! ;)"


"Hey, EZP. Great to hear your music - strong beats and a consistent character to your vocal sound. Interesting use of a variety of instruments and especially that you are playing everything - well done. Stop by anytime to give another listen on my page and leave a comment if you wish. I wish you the best in your career. Best regards, Ken"


Hey, Cool music, dude. I dig your sound... Keep up the good work, and good luck! ~Nathan


Hi EZPowell™ Band. Cool music :) J.Feitor, guitarist,producer


"Nice tunes :) TY for finding me ......... Gary Vachon


cool songs - Philippe"


Good music and very good influences... GREAT :-)))" Leonardo


I like your music! :) Maestra


"Hi and thanks for the request, good sound, it feels good .... good result:)"


Wow guys, you sure called it right when you said eagles, and Dire Straights. Great tunes, glad to have you as friends. stay in touch,K? Dave"


"Glad to meet ya. Great tunes. Thanks for finding me, but I should have been looking for you...Cheers, Billy"


"had to stop by and check you out, very impressive, thanks..Peace, Maria"


"Hi The EZPowell Band, Music is Life, is Peace and has no frontiers, thank you for finding me, for the request and for sharing your amazing music with me, you really have great songs! Have a nice Sunday! Respect, Peace and Light from Brazil! Paulo Bergo"


"Thank you for stopping by my little project! You are a truly talent musician and singer song writer! I wish all the best. Please don't be stranger! Donny"


"hey EZ: dig your good time music! love America's Sweetheart"




"thanks for the add! you have a nice sound." W. Dire Wolff


i like it! thanks .. x" Heidi Sterling


"groovy... and fresh..."The Electrik Rainbow


"hi ezpowell thanks for your request ,great song keep the way see you david"


I really like your musical style.... you ve a very "male" voice,powerful and I love the instruments you re using,like harmonica,sax....etc very pleasant music to listening..... yes,do you like my last pic?........hahahahaha many hugsssssssssss from your fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


"you re a great musician thank you,for being a friend! M.lllllll"


"Just wanted to say I'm still diggin' your music and that I'm glad to see that things are starting to pan out for you. Peace" Drew


Great songs and playing, The Eagles and Dire Straits definitely spring to mind with your music. Bedroom Eyes in particular, is very Knopfleresque. A pleasure to listen to, I will come back and listen often! Best regards Sketchy"


Nice music. Greetings from Germany, Mono from EPILOG"


"Hi, Thanks for adding me to your myspace! Lovely music, I just love a song like Fond Memories... a lot of good music is coming from Atlanta!! Greetz Kim "The Rain Dog""


Hey ez i just gave paradise a listen. Sounds real good, a bit like jethro tull . the harmonies are great and the music is to. As a critic to most of my own songs i will say that the music needs adjusting , no change at all but turn it up a bit. seems like the vocals are drowning out the music somehow. i cranked it up on here and honestly that was my first thought. Other than that you have a hit. Congrats to you and talk later. Randy


IBANEZ's Comment: "Hello my friend, Thank you for your invite!

*YOU ROCK!!* Great vocal! Specially i like ''Bedroom eyes'' and ''Fond memories''... If you have time please check my songs and tell me what you think in a comment... All the best on your music road! *Greetings from IVANA @ ROCKSTILL!!*"


Your music is nice.aurelie


"Bedroom eyes is a CD worth listening to. It's somewhat funky, jazzy sound is really enchanting. It sounds great driving home after nightshift! I really like it a lot, but maybe you should check it out for yourself - Karin, The Netherlands.


"Chilling Me Down has a nostalgic feel of this piece certainly works well here! Musically this is expressive, and the lead melody meshes nicely with this." - Taxi.


"Wildfire is expressive, and again you do a good job of painting a vivid picture of the storyline. I also found that the chorus melody is memorable and easy to sing along to; nicely done!" - Taxi.


"Fond Memories has a nice down home feel this one has! It's also nice to hear you open up here vocally; definitely adds presence to this piece." - Taxi.


"EZ- the vintage feel of your pieces certainly invokes a sense of remembrance and longing! I was also impressed by the wistful manner in which you deliver the vocal. While I do think there is a market for your pieces, ..." - Taxi.


"EZ, Thank you for submitting your songs. I think that what we're talking about here is simply a matter of mismatched style. In all honesty, I like what you're doing but I can't hear any of the groups cited as reference material here playing these songs. My suggestion would be to submit this for a listing in a genre such as Classic Rock or Adult Oriented Rock music. In the future, you might want to check out this page: ... Keep at it, we just need to find your niche and submit accordingly." - Taxi.


"EZ - I think you have some good song ideas and a cool sounding voice. Good song ideas ... Good song ... " - Taxi.


"I like structure of Bedroom Eyes (and how you start off with the Chorus). Actual lines of this CH do have good imagery, but the lines themselves are not all that unique (as a payoff hook). The verses are Ok, some of the rhyme can be tweaked out for stronger lines (pill/kill + stare/hair)." - Taxi.


"In Love Lights the Way there is good imagery in the lyrics of the verses. Again, however, some of the rhyme here can be tweaked out for added depth. I do like the closing lines of V1 angels laugh. Release to this Ch is subtle, but works. Actual hook is OK, but tag here love can be stronger as a payoff line. Also, adding a V3 (for a concluding verse) can add to this idea." - Taxi.


"Bedroom Eyes reminds me a little of Dire Straits - cool sound, but more classic rock in flavor than this listing is aiming for. The Verse melody is really nice - I like the phrasing and melodic movement in those sections. The CH though, sounds more verse-like in melody and may be losing momentum a bit melodically in my opinion. You might explore more daring melodic movement that has more intensity or energy than the very strong verse melody. The vocal performance seems to struggle a little with pitch and tone and may need some honing to meet this publisher's criteria in my opinion." - Taxi.


"Love Lights the Way Super strong Ch melody!! I like the lift in vocal range and the cool phrasing in the CH ... very effective! The Verse has a cool retro sound that is reminiscent of Cat Stevens - super cool, but again, not quite contemporary enough for this listing. Lyric is very descriptive and paints this picture crystal clear! The vocal handles the CH well - cool attitude! The Verses though, may need to be more focused in pitch/tone to meet this listing's requirements." - Taxi.


"Hi EZ Powell, Thanks for sending your music to us! Love Lights The Way has a very cool CH melody - I like the verse melody as well in that song. Lyrically some cool lines in that song, although the overall story line seems a bit vague, as does the lyric on Bedroom Eyes. You might consider giving more detail, more of a direct story line at times lyrically? Overall I feel the vocal performances may need some honing in pitch and tone to meet this publisher's criteria....... this has a strong Dire Straits flavor which I like, but may be leaning more in the classic rock direction than this listing is after. Very good overall structure to both song's! I wish you well." - Taxi.


Great voice, Dire Straits type music and unusual sound. Best number for me is Bedroom Eyes but I like it all... good and interesting stuff. Like the Dire Straits/blues sound of it. Reviewer: Pam Greswell - CD Baby.


Enjoyable Easy listining ..rock form adding to good frame of mind. This was a mixture of good contemporary rock and easy listening with a great mixture of good lyrics and a voice with a somewhat subtle sexual clang. I find it to be a pleasant mix of sound with a concoction of a Jimmy Buffet, Bob Seger and southern style rock greats. Reviewer: connie lee clark, - CD Baby (May 17, 2007).


This CD is a must for all music lovers!, January 13, 2007. This is an amazing collection of original songs by this one man band. This may not be known by all who have heard it, but I assure you, only one man makes up The EZPowell Band. He does everything from a songs conception to the final product on this incredible CD. This man is pure talent as seen by his virtuosity in playing all the instruments. His words are that of a gentle, passionate soul as well as a man very much in love with his wife, family and life in general. His voice is sometimes smooth and sultry and at times very gravely and so sexy as amptly illustrated in the title song, "Bedroom Eyes"! I had to play it through twice, as it all was so very enjoyable, before reviewing it. "Love Is A Wildfire" and "Be Mine Tonight" are vying for my favorites thus far, but it is really hard to have a favorite with 14 fabulous songs in the competition! - Amazon, 5-stars, - By Brenda J. Trask "Bren" (Astoria, Oregon).


Earnest music for the sake of muisic, March 16, 2007. A staggering dispay of versatile musicianship with songs that unpretentiously span a wide horizon of styles. The perfect music to listen to while having a couple of pints at your favorite pub with friends - Amazon Jan 13, 2007 to Mar 16, 2007 (May 17, 2007), By Christopher Brown (Atlanta, GA).


Your music is good - somewhere between Warren Zevon and Bruce Cockburn Peace, Burke .


"Hey EZ, thanks for the request. Very nice music my friend." John.


"Hey Buddy... thanks for sharin' this page...already had ya but this is better.Keep up the great work... Many Blessings." Songbringer.




"hello to you , Hey thanks the songs are GREAT , u make my day . Lynn Pgh" Lynndeebab1.

"Cruising by to say hi! Glad you found me EZ .. Nice listening.. 2 thumbs up to your drummer!! Hit me back any time. Alli".


Thanks for the req. I enjoyed your songs, you have a nice voice.. Glad to be your friend :) Nicole.


Thanks for the invite! Nice tunes. I hear a touch of Dave Mason in your music. Thanks Madonna.

"chesty and clear voice, cool tunes Hi Gavin, great music you offer here. Thanks for request, glad to be your friend." Kel.


Your music is good ANIMA.


Love your sound! Karen.


YOU ROCK! Love & Peace, JohannG.


love soft music.have agreat day. Inez.





"Nice! I'm diggin' this tune! Great Beat...great Lyrics...smokin' guitar!" - cantomagica.


"not bad song. quite good really. easy listening. however the vocals i think need to be taken down a couple of notches so the vocals/accompaniment is in better proportion. Just my opinion though... good luck with everything. i always have enjoyed watching your journey and i hope it continues to where you want it to go next year. wayne."


You are quite welcome. I really do love your sound. You have a good attitude about things...realistic. I can dance to your tunes very easily. Groovy. Anything I can do to help let me know. Leisa.


"doing great keep onkeeping your music. your pal inez".




"have a happy new year. and keep singing and you will go far. your pal inez".


Good Luck in your Music reaching to the top. You really are tallented. My Uncle would really like your music alot. I will let him know about you and your Band. God Bless. And Thank You. Jen




i really appreciate hearing from individuals and groups who are giving something of themselves to others. im sorry to say im quite sick of reading advertising slogans from people who are trying to push their own material but can't see their own musical limitations.. thats why i enjoy coming in to hear your stuff. You at least have something to offer. all the best, wayne.


Hey awsem man nice i was listening to that one track I like your music sounds very relaxing you have a good voice hey thanks for the mail DJ CELL


""Love lights the way" really sounds great. I like it, will pass it on to my friends. God Bless and have a great week." Kim


"Hi EZ, Your music is brilliant, It's about time someone sounds original. You really remind me of Van Morrison. You definitely got an edge. Keep it up mate. All the best from London, England with up most respect DJ ALAN CHAN"


"Hey, thanks for the add. Nice tunes (Y) x" Tick tick,do that trick trick...


"Thanks for the add! Wonderful last a musician that doesn't sound as if he's just plugged a hoover in and walked away, like so much stuff out these days! Check out my 'mum's' tunes on Peace and respect, the Princess x x x" PRINCESS POPPY




"Love Lights the Way sounds good. For some reason it reminds me of Bobby Gosh. (thats good). wayne." Hiawatha


"Hi, Thanks for the request. Great music. Love Laura x x"


"Thanx.....great music!!! Greetings from Berlin/Germany." Co

Your Voice! Just FYI, I love it! Here is wishing you the best of luck! Huge smiles and hugs! Lupita


"Hi thanks for request of friends! very nice music" Ann


"Well done EZ Powell Thanks for the request Jeff"


Love the music. Good stuff. Ryan


"Thanks for your your music.....great,ciao" Maurizio Vercon


"You're a man of many talents, of many trades and you deserve everything that comes your way. Have a great week and keep up the good stuff. Strange love, Jamie"


"Hi and thanks for request. I like your music... and nice to make new friends too.. Have a great week.. :-)..H."


"Hello EZPowell, many thanks for wanting me as your friend. Lovelly tunes you´ve got, good luck in the future. Greetings from Spirrow - Starstoft"


Don't mention it my friend, Good music must be heard, I showed some of my friends your songs on your site. They said you have a lot of passion in your voice, One thing I noticed about singers in the UK is there always trying to sound like artists that are already famous. I know alot of singers who have all the talent in the world but they don't explore how original they can be. You have your own voice. Take care, All the best DJ ALAN CHAN


"Thanks for finding me,I do hope that you enjoy jespers music and they other artist there.I have been listen to your music and I do really like it,so great sound and I love your guitar playing,so gentle,speciel in "Bedrooms eyes" great work you made.Keep in touch and take care" lisa


Hi EZ! Just got the cd over the mail yesterday and I played it in my car to and from work! I really do like it a lot! Thank you ever so much for sending it to me! ....And it did keep me awake! Well now, time to walk the dog and then go to bed, since I have to get up extremely early again. Keep up making your enchanting music! Take care my friend!!! Karin


"From Satoriland, tanks EZ 4 the add, good music!" SATORI


Love lights the way is a really good song! The Last Band Standing


"'love the sound & vision~ all the best 'atcha~" Crowell Straps


"We LOVE "Bedroom Eyes" - Keep up the good work!" E.H. SoulCrew


"like the music! thanks for the request"" Age of Sinnocence


"Hi EzPowell I chose you to be my friend, because I think you've got some great music and profile. Greetings from Denmark Attila :)"




"Thanks 4 finding me. I love your sound! Mony"


Hi, thanx for the invite! Chilled sounds! Martha


"Thanks for the invite. You have a nice sound. San Martin"


"Thanks for the request. Music is really good, love it. Have a great weekend.." Beverly


"Thank you stopping by my profile to be your friend. I like your music its kool it sound very good. Keep up the good work. LIZ" BRoWn_EyEs_LaDY


"hi thanks for the add keep the good music comming all the best ursula x" ursula


"Thank you for the add. My favorite song ws Love Lights The Way. Much sucess in the future!" Dianne


HEY SWEETIE THANX N HOPE TO SEE YOU PLAY IN ATHENS SOON!-U ROCK BABY!!! let,s chat or send msgs sometimes .LOVE U Margaret


hello!! thanks for the add!!! Bedroom Eyes is nice song!!! i'm glad to meet you!"natsuko


Hello, May I call You EZ? Is that your Name? This is true ... I give alotta old and new bands good airtime on my space. But, Ez You got a special sound goin on ... can't put my finger on it...a blusey Jazz thing? Somethin maybe outta New Orleans? Down around the Delta? I'm gonna listen further ... smile. Terry the Gypsy.


u cld never be boring,-ur music n music IS never boring!i know u r career will take off with a blast,i know talent when i hear n see it Margaret


"ummmm like your sound;)" 2bfree


"Cool Songs...Thank for adding Us - Tecnologia Sur Estudio de Grabacion


Awsome! your music is great! but one question, where can i get your albums? *Cat*


Good stuff! I'll see what I can do! Thanks for sharing! Love, autumn




EZ, I like it. I present two specialist music shows on a University Radio station (to a reach of around 11,000 people) and I'd like to interview as part of a feature I run. What it entails is a simple phone interview (live or pre-recorded whichever is fine), a five minute chat about music, what inspires you, littered around some shameless plugs of websites, tours, myspace pages, etc. and finished off by playing one of your tunes. If you'd be interested, then shout me back; I haven't added you yet because my page is in dire need of re-organising, leaving your profile in 'friend requests' over the next couple of days will allow me to access it immediately and listen to it! But I'm into it. Massively so. The acoustic style works really well with that beat, it's almost 'acoustic-dance'! DaveDaveDave


yes i like your music sounds good SLASH73


"When are you coming to Pikeville,Ky? ZZ Top was there last month! I was 2nd row center! I'll even take you fishing! I caught 2 bass the other night! First time I've been fishing in years!! :)"


"Hi there, Sounding great." Bassman Bill


"cheers for the add good tunes man keep rockin'" STONEY ROCK DJ

I've taken a QUICK listen, and I like what I hear...I plan to listen more intently at a later time... *brandy*


hey love what your doing. Im glad you added me. You can give me some pointers on getting my music out there, One love - Mr Red Dawn


Beautiful music - Robin


ur music is so cool! M-Kun


Your music style is cool. From Tokyo , Japan.

Your music is grand -ragonfly


Hello, Gavin! Very good music and original as well. Cheers from Brazil!


you guys sound great - TULLIO


ive neva heard u guys b4 but u sound much better than my expectations - Shauny


Sounds really good, well done; Greetings from France - The Magic Cornflakes


ur music sounds sweet catch u later - simone xoxox


Iaorana (hello) from Tahiti!! Nice musik man!!! show must go on!! - Naho


I like the music you have up - Matt


Nice music - Ellinor


Nice Music - Luna Ludo


You have some cool music here - Elizabeth


Stopping by to show some love. Keep up the awesome work have a great Sunday. A fan - Diana


Of the songs you have posted, I personally like "Love lights the way" the best. What makes it "Best" to me? Because there is a sense in which it captures the spirit of the Troubador...the port, the storyteller. And the music seems to fit the lyrics perfectly. Ninure


Ummm Wednesday! Count down for the weekend! My week has been wonderful, hope the rest of your week is too! Huge smiles and lots of hugs! the way, I love "Bedroom Eyes". Lupita


hmmm yearh nice music - Yannikk


It's good .Keep on man ! - GL


Vverrrry nice music. I like it a lot :D


Bedroom eyes sounds alot like a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones tune. You also have a bit of Dave Matthews too. Good music. Keep it up - Kevin

Sounds are great! Keep it up - Here in Theory


Nice noises! - bbbblue


Nice new sound - Mark


You got a great stuff here. Bedroom eyes is beautiful! Your russian friend from Kazakh land - Eduard


ok I listened and sounds great!!! - Beverly


Hi! Nice sound. Greetings from Austria - Gregory


Your sound is so nice. - Marcio


UR Music Rocks!! - Sexy Thang


Wonderful tracks .. good Job ... keep it going .. good luck - Ayman


Very nice music! - Cronica


Hi! Your music sounds really please - Tomec


"I LOVE YOUR SONGS............CIAO SCAGNATA......... :)" - Scagnata


Thanks for sending the request, you guys are really good - Linden


"Hi there!Thanks for the req! Great sound!!!" Jelena


"Hey, I liked your Memories of Home... Nice to have a fellow music appreciator and creator in the "myspace" world." Mr. Murder


"Hey there EZ Powell... Thanks for sharing. Yeah I really like your style. It is definately easy listening. Wishing you light, love, peace and happiness... gs and kisses...Take care...Bridget Dj_it "Boo!!""


"Hey EZ! Thanks for the request...I enjoy your music. Best of luck in the future." Scott


"How are you? Thank you for your request. You've got a nice sound. Thank you very much. YAIKU


Thanks for finding me! Really like your stuff!! Happy Friday EZ! Heather




"Hey there guys, thanks much for the request. Truly appreciated. Rock on, keep up the great work, Alexander


"hey there...don't you have a different site as well?...anyway, like the tunes! take care, "Allison Barkley


"THANK'S, Cool song" Maxence


"Nice mellow jams..Thanks for bringing your music into my life..have a wonderful week.. xo Olivia"


Hi, yes I did like your music, I would buy that sound.....Thank you for the dish complimant, liked it. Hope you had a good day. Christine


"Thanks for the friend request! Love your music..sounds great!!!" KELLY


"Hey Man Merci beaucoup for the request. Hope you enjoyed what you heard! Keep up the great sound! Cheers from Montreal


"Greetings from Canada. Your request was my pleasure. I wish you all the best with your music. Keep plugging away!" Roberto Philipp


"Hey! Thanx for the support! Cool music! Cheers, Vince/TNS"


"hi just stopping wishing you a great day oh Bedroom Eyes wonderful song I love it :) kiss" Yuri


"Thanks for the request.. Great sound!!" Debbie


"Hi, Don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did! Nice sound!! Thanks for wanting to be my friend. Take care! Karin"


"nice one EZPowell Band, take it easy Lee Bailey


"Just drooping to say Hi and listen your music.- Have a Good Time.- Love-Laura"

"thanks for the request. it's nice to meet you. enjoying the tunes. :)" - A Girl And A Guitar


"Thanks for adding us! We love your sound Mexcal Italy"


"keep up the good music! take care and stay healthy." Berry


Love your music! Thanks for sharing it with me! ~~Christine~~"


nice sound will listen and wish you luck keep me posted Lisa


"Thanks for the add my friend. Great music like yours is good for any occasion" Ronald


"Great guitar feel EZ! Thanks for dropping by, all the best from OZ, Lina :)" Caroline Hammond


"Nice jamz baby!" Aaron J. Cruise


"Hey Thanks for the add! i really appreciate it...giggle" DaYzEe


"Hey Hun! Thanks for stopping by and making a request!! You have some fab tunes!! Keep up the fab work and stay in touch! Emz xx" Emma Lea


hey, thanks for the request brother just listened to your music. my name is jason and i'm in tv/radio broadcasting. i noticed you have a good friend of mine as a musical influence me and rob thomas are from the same area in south carolina. he's an awesome artist but more than that a wonderful person. dude good luck getting your band in place i'd say your off to a great start you sound great bro. peace, jason


"Thanks for your add. Great Music! Noise"


All Right !!! I like it. You have done a great job with the mix. Great sound. I really like the Jams. THX for the request. I am glad to have you at my site. PEACE... Neal


"Hey EZPowell Band... Thanks for the add. I hope you liked my beats. Btw nice music. keep up the good work. Peace" BenStar productions


"EZ how you been, man? nice site... GG" Sean-Paul Schulte

"thanks for the trackdown and the add. really appreciate it. keep up the good work" Henning


"Thanks for the friend request. Awesome sound, you rock. I wish you much success. Stop by and listen/comment sometime. I'd be happy to spread your word via my page. Elefant-Broad-Tree


it's good to hear bedroom first and fav. myspace tune!!!!!!!!! sps GG Sean-Paul


"Nice chillout music:] ParAmedicfrom GReenGrocer


"Hi there, thanks for inviting me discover your great music. I just LOVE this easy-listenning rock vibes... so there you go, I'll come back again check your news ok? Take care & keep up the good work ! Kisses from France :-) Julie."




"Hey Ezpowell.... Thanks for the request. Check him out. Ezpowell got skillz. Peace m8 and keep up the great work." BenStar productions


"thanks for the add, we glad to be part of your new friends, cool songs, stay in contact people." BlueShit

"New page? Thanks for the request. I like your stuff alot." Deanas


"Thanks for the request. Nice sound! Gr-Paulo-"


"Thanks 4 your music & the add! Keep sharin' the luv bru!!" NeeCee


"Hi EZPowell Band, Cool tunes you have over here! Thanks for inviting us - Best wishes, Brattlefly!"


Both! You and your music ;-) Seriously, thinking "should I or not" I clicked the "play" button and as soon I did I was happy that I did! Your music is great and it`s the kind that people can "feel" if they have this ability - not everyone has. Asiyah


As a matter of fact I think I would like the cd, but I'm a little short of money at the moment, nor do I have a creditcard to pay for it! So for now, the internet will have to do, but I'll keep it in mind. Keep up the good work... and let me be the first to know should you ever come to Holland! Take care! Karin


"'love the music, 'love the site- all the best! bill/crowell straps" Crowell Straps


"hey thx for findin me and thx for the add! nice music! come check out my tracks and give some advice if you have the time peace Invoker


"I enjoyed listening to your tunes! Thanks for the request! Best wishes, Brattlefly"


"hi! thnks for the add.... gorgeuos music!! good luck" aNgEliK_*-*!SeXy


"Thank you foe the add, nice tunage you have going here.. xx sacha morgan"

"10x for the request guys :) nice music there" Hamza


Nice sound. Have a great week. GRTZ Ria"


"Hey EZPowell Band!!! woww !! I love it your music !! yes ! MaRy

"Thanks for your great sound and the request. Greetings from Germany! Eugène Gardyas


"Thank you for the invite.


It was great to hear your music.. especially "Bedroom eyes". Have a nice week! Peace, Nanna"

Ive briefly listened to your music. Thumbs up fella. Easy listening - chilled! Im feelin it. Keep goin - dont stop creating. OK Mark


"Hi The EZPowell Band, Thanks for adding me! Nice tunes! Laisan."


Thanks for the request... I know you were on my friend list before... I really liked your music... whatever happened... welcome back... Rock on, Jakyll


"EZPowell Band... thanks for the add! I like the style you have going on here. Keep The Good Stuff Comin', Chris Reuber"


"Hi! Thanks for finding us here "in space" and also for letting us into your music;)Like your song "Bedroom Eyes" - very nice!! Cheers from; -Lillith-"


"Hi, Thank you for adding us! We value your page! You really have a great page! Keep on the good work. Emuhaya Community


"Thanks for the connection...Love what ya do...Keep the good ol' times a rollin'.....All the best, Tara"

"Hey Gavin! I love the whole cd! I recommend that anyone who likes what they hear here purchase one! The sound quality isn't the same as hearing it on your own stereo. The sound is much richer! Great work Gavin! Still wondering about that back up though! Let me know! Take care! Suzanne"


"Hey,Thanks for the add request.You have great taste in music too I see.Keep it up my friend.Bless." Songbringer


I have listen to your songs and I like the wildfire-song! Have a nice day. Heidi


"Nice music. Thanks for the request. Klaas"


"thanks for the add, great tunes" Carl


"Hey, your music is great. I just cant stop listening to it. Just makes me want to dance all around." terry "Gemini Rider"


"Love the laid-back-level of your music... Nice, very nice Greetz" Bucho


Thank you for the add. You've got a nice sound. Thank you very much. YAIKU


"Hey there! Thank You very much for the request! Great sound your working there. Keep doing what you obviously do so well! I wish you great success in all your musical endeavors. Thanks again for the add! All is One. ter… ~~~Ra Lyr"


"oK, I'm hooked! I dig your groove, EZ. You have a very unique voice and something very familiar about your vibe that I can't quite put my finger on yet.... but I will ;b I'll keep ya posted! Have an AWESOME weekend, dude and THANX FOR THE ADD! BIANCA


"hey man !thank u for the add (again..haha) your songs are incredible "!" Pedro Mattos


YOU ROCK!!!******************** THNX 4 D REQ******************* FROM DETROIT-ROCK-CITY*********"


"keep up the good tunes! take care" Berry


"Thank you for the request, was a pleasure to add you! It's nice to find so many different sounds, songs and impressions in the world of mySpace. stayTuned :-) synd"


"Hey there, Just swinging by to say that your music is awesome. Bedroom Eyes is quality. Have yourselves a great weekend. I will! ;o) Jamie"


"Love the laid-back-level of your music... Nice, very nice Greetz" Bucho


Thank you for the add. You've got a nice sound. Thank you very much. YAIKU


"Hey there! Thank You very much for the request! Great sound your working there. Keep doing what you obviously do so well! I wish you great success in all your musical endeavors. Thanks again for the add! All is One. ter… ~~~Ra Lyr"


"oK, I'm hooked! I dig your groove, EZ. You have a very unique voice and something very familiar about your vibe that I can't quite put my finger on yet.... but I will ;b I'll keep ya posted! Have an AWESOME weekend, dude and THANX FOR THE ADD! BIANCA


"hey man !thank u for the add (again..haha) your songs are incredible "!" Pedro Mattos


YOU ROCK!!!******************** THNX 4 D REQ******************* FROM DETROIT-ROCK-CITY*********"


"keep up the good tunes! take care" Berry


"Thank you for the request, was a pleasure to add you! It's nice to find so many different sounds, songs and impressions in the world of mySpace. stayTuned :-) synd"


"Hey there, Just swinging by to say that your music is awesome. Bedroom Eyes is quality. Have yourselves a great weekend. I will! ;o) Jamie"


ur song is beutiful i like it se d me a other song ok ok! Damaris


Your music sounds great. Lisa


Hi EZPowell...listen your music is ok, just not my type...however I have a friend on my list that likes this kind of stuff. And he DJ's at 96.5 community radio every saturday night...if he likes it he could play it. It is shaman...number three friend...give him a go. All the best Rella


Hey there... TY for the add to your myspace.. Im one of the part owners n Dj at JFL RADIO... I was wondering if you would like some air time with us and would plug your cd n have a interview with you also.. So if your interested plz conact me... Angel


"Thanx for da friendship and wonderful music! Hope to meet u and experience a gig by u someday soon! LOVE + BEST WISH Robinneke"


Keep up the good work, greetz K-Billy's! ;)


"Nice music you have there and Thank you for the Friend Request" Mr.PeaceMaker

I am pleased that it go all ok with the music, I really like your style. Sorry if I disturbing you. See ya soon Elsa


"Hi honey, like the latest cut of "Bedroom Eyes" like the extra layers you added also. Have a good week and think of me often love from vegas, sandy"


"bedroom eyes sounds great love it" skye


"Pleased to meet you. :) Your music is well cool...Shine on*" Filipe Teodósio


"Hey, just wanted to say I love your stuff! Thanks for the add." Autumn Kramer


"Wanted to drop by & say really like new song....Keep up the hard work..." Don


"eii thnx 4 the req!! the tunes are really good! but..u don´t look very nice in your pic =S but doesn´t matter. =] good luck! xxx" Sabela


"Thanks for the add...i like your music its pretty sweet." The Last Union


hi ya thanks for the add! love the music! x lindsey


"Just listened to "Bedroon Eyes", very nice!!" Ninure da Crusading Hippie


"thank you for your music... CR"


"Hey! Thanks for adding me. The songs are great. I give you respect for the fact that you not only sing, but also write. Keep up the good work and Have a great day, --Jenne"


"Thanks for the add, Your music is great, can't wait to hear more." Ben


"Stopped in "EZ" for ah drink of listen n ah ear full of soundz! keep that "Good Music" coming! peace al"


"Thank's for the req!!! ..And Good Music!!!" scagnata


"Sounds really good, man. Personally, I love one man bands. I totally get it. I completely understand what you are doing. Keep Rocking. Chuck Radin Peace."


"Thanks for the invite. Always looking for new friends. Keep up the good work." Ed


"thanks for the invite! love your music. cya ^^"


thank you ! I enjoy yours songs I'm please to be here kiss of france Flo


"Thanks for the add. Hope you dig my tracks. Like your style. Matthew Gair - Emotional Ear Candy


"So this is the new and updated site, eh? (truly Canadian, no?)I'm glad to still be apart of your world! Still sounding great, good luck in all you do! Chris Reuber"


"Hi there! Thanks for the request! Great music!!!" Jelena


"Thanks for the add request. Listened and I like it!" Stephanie's


Hey, a funny thing happened along the way to new friends... I got turned on to some kick ass music. Thanks cuz I'm truly enjoyin the groove.


"Thanks for the add, dig the tunes man. Peace" Drew


I checked out your site and saw your you tube. I think it is great. I couldn't get it all because my pc is so slow(they don't offer dsl where I live) but what I heard was great. Keep up the good work. Teri


"Thanks for the request! : ) Great music! : ) ~ Traci"


"just wanted to stop and guys are really the sounds...stay jammin'...peace and love always" prew


"Memories Of Home awesome song!!!" Bunny


"I'M IN THE EZPOWELL BAND HEAVEN! Big thanx for the add. - You rock the hardest! DON´T TRY THIS AT HOME!




Excellent Music! - Ric


"Thanks for the request man and for the great sound! Claude Prieur


Keep up the good vibe :-) Cheers from Montreal May-Lu from Claude's team"


"great songs! you're very talented. thanks for the add all the best Yani."


RE: Thanks for adding me yes i did enjoy the music .. and thank you


yes i did enjoy the music .. and thank you Dirty D


"Hi EZPOWELL, love lights the way.........awesome keep on making the tunes sing" DAN C


"Thanks for the request. Awesome sounds! Just the kind of music i needed today! Keep it up!" Craig


"thanks for the add i like your sound.keep strumming the guitar" Lee


Hope all is well - thanks for adding me, love bedroom eyes. Be well. Fiona Hughes


"Thanks so much for the add request. You are awesome, and so talented. Love the vibes. I'm liking all your songs,very healing. Sonds so great with head phones. Thanks again, Holla back antime you can. Cheers!!!" Themagicaltouchv


"that new song is AWSOME i love it and i dont love easily jp i love all of your songs and will definatly recamend them for stuff" abby


"like it! thanks for the visit michel"


"Larry Appleton says these are some chill tunes."


"Your music brings my mind back to another time in my life ... a happy time" Mystery


"? the music! Keep it up!!" KRISTEN


"Hey thanx 4 the add, you have a great sound." Tracy


Thanks for the add. How are you doing, great songs, :) Sarahfina


"ta 4 d request EZ ... good sounds ... keep it up/all the best ... philly" Philly The Lips


"Hi EZPowell, Thanks for finding us and checking out our music. Nice feel with your song Bedroom Eyes. Cheers from Australia Rob G"


"Thanks for the request! Really nice music I appreciate being friends with you SteveRock54 Love Peace and Rock in Roll


"Thanks for finding have a great talent. Enjoy listening to your music with my headphones on!!!! " Linda


"Good Sound Grooveeeee Thank´s for the add Mini Club


"Thanks for the request, EZP...enjoying your sounds! Love & respect, Michaele"


"The music is happening! Have a great day. RIVER-STONE


"Just stopped over for a listen....sounds great!...jim"


"hi there! Your music is nice to listen to! really like the voice. thanks for reaching out, good thing we´re all cought in the web, hearing one another! a doublebass and a diy-synth are playing together for you at my page, come over for a visit if you like!


"Total respect to you man ! Great songs ! Thanks for the friends request. Happylittle3


"Cheers for the reccy diggin the tunes diggin the space take it easy" DaveGardner

"Hello! Thanks for you add!Good your music. A friend of mediterranean coast, Pals Beach.Luck and health!" Raül Martínez


"hi ezpowell thanks for add. your songs are very good. Come to listen to me and tell me what you think of it. thanks bye" Nevil


"You sound great man, thanks for dropping by the other day.....keep in touch! -Adam Watters"


"Hey EZPowell, thanks for the request! Nice and easy music :D - Naiskala


Have a great weekend...see you!"


Hey, I really like ur music!! : ) Evcha


"EZPowell Band, Love your page!!! Thanks so much for the request, I am truly honoured. Have a great Friday and keep in touch. Katie Spades


"hey!!! yall r awesome!!!XoXoXoXO..your friend ~christine~"


"hi my friend, very nice Music :) thank you very much for the request, friendship! Its nice to be your friend! Have a wonderful Weekend! Best Wishes from Germany, PaulaOConnor


"Thanks for the add request & Hello from Ireland... Wonderful stuff! Happy St. Paddys Day!! Cool to have you as a friend! Luan xoxo


"Wonderful Soundworld and great Music we hear on your Space. Thanks a lot for adding us as your friend, and your support. We wish you all time the Best." Violent


"Thanks for the add request. Its a pleasure to have you on my friends list. Nice tunes. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Keep the music coming and stay in touch. Love and cheers, Lois"


"Hello Thanks for the friend request I like "bedroom eyes" Greetings from Spain" PADILLA


"GREAT MUSIC! ... and Thanks for Add ... That's COOL! ... Have a Good One and All The Best from The (Slightly Demented) HOYBOYS!"


"hey!!! yall r awesome!!!XoXoXoXO..your friend ~christine~"


"Thanks for the friend request! It is great to have friends like you! I love your tunes! Rock On!" HOPE


"LOVE the music!!! Mean it!!! Have a great rest of the weekend." Stephanie


"I liked bedroom eyes so much I put it on my own CD is avalable at whoshang"


"Hi there! Thank you for the add! I like the sound of that music. Keep on.... Cheers ;)" Sandra S.


"hi, just listened to bedroom eyes. great track. love the 'murky' production. ever try triple tracking the vocals?... anyway, all the best with your music," Wayne / Hiawatha


"Hey, great music!!! thx for your friendship. Greets from Munich" Nevergreen


"listened to wildfire. you did it again. i love the production. add a couple of surprises somewhere in the tune and youve got something unique, well for this day and age anyway. all the best. " Wayne / Hiawatha


"Thanks for the request and nice music!" Kureha


"Thank you for the add. Great Sound. All the best" Mini Club


"Thanks for the add. Good music." Jessica


"Thanks for the asking,nice to have you as a friend,your music i really good and I like it,take a trip to my place from time to time.Take care" Lisa


"hey thanx for the request! always great to see bands in your friend requests lol neways you sound good ttyl bye?" I Love MATT


"Nice sounds! Thanks for the request... /KAAHMAN


"thanx for the request :) nice tunes! have a great weekend!" Chani


"Thank you very much for your invite good sound my friend.. Carlo Losavio"


"Just played 'Bedroom Eyes' again! My kind of stuff. Thank you EZ!" David


"you rock! <3" asbjørn


"Thanx for the request, was a pleasure to add you! may the fun and the sound be with you :-)" synd


"Hi Ez thank you for add.!!:-)) A good sound and beautyful voice!! Have a very good week..nice to see you Kiss from France." Marlene


"Hey mate! thanks for requesting an add! Awesome music dude. Thanks, Bec"


"Thanks for the request! We're glad to be your friend. We love your music. We'll be checking in regularly for more of your great music!! Please keep in touch. Thanks again! Take care!" SOONERS


"Hi EZ, thanks for the request. You are a musician-all-rounder ;-) Nice sound. Bluesy greetings from Germany Sally"


"Thanks for the request! It sounds great! Have a good day! Jessica :)"


You got a unique sound, I like it! Welcome to the crew, ARRRG! -Captain Peacock


hiya im kayla just listened to your music, quite like it not really into that kind of sound but hey not bad! just accepted you as a freind , nice one keep up the good work.


Sounds good! Paul


Your song "Memories Of Home"... The first vocal phrase reminded me of someone and it took me about five minutes of playing it over and over again to realize that you sound a bit like Mark Knopfler. I'm a huge fan of his.... Anyway, I'm probably not the first who said it, but it's true none-the-less. Actually, not even just vocally, I can hear a bit of Mark in your guitar work on Bedroom Eyes (sort-of sounds like Sultans Of Swing to me, again, in a good way)... Stu and friends


your voice Body: SO adored your voice.Loved the song,loved the way you made me tingle with that smooth as hot honey sound. Hugs, Tina~~


"Hey, thanks for the request and having us on your friends list. Dig the music. Drop by sometime and post a comment. McGee Pragnell Band


"Hi, Thanks for the request and for the support. It sounds great! Aip


hi. ive put your track love lights the way on playlist itll play in loop for few weeks. all best alan.


"wow wow cool music, I liked it I just stopping to say hello and have a great day good luck" Yuri

I think you are very talented. Good Luck! Frank


"Very cool! Thank you for adding me!"


You are one cool son of a gun EZpowell. Read your profile and seems like we have the same strategy: I also play all the instruments and write the music and will be putting a band together soon :) I wish you all the best and hope you enjoyed my music, I really liked yours! Nina x


"I love your muZik ! Thanks for the friend request ;) Good Day !" Ms Brown


"Cheers for stopping by and listening to Up-Lift. You Rock Up-Lift


Hey like your tunes... do you really play everything? including drums? If so, then you are good at all the instruments, which I find amazing. Ryan


"Nice song! Have a great day!" DEBBZ


"Hello EZPowell...listened to every track, and everything sounds great. Like you, I played all the instruments (except drums) on the tunes at myspace. Derrick Credito


Hope you like my tunes as much as I like yours:)"


"Hi EZPowell Band, Thanks for the add, I'm enjoying your music. ccw"


Hello! Firstly sorry for my bad english, What ILUSSION! You want to be my friend, I would like to, but my english is bad bad, I`ll try to speak with you Very nice musiC, in spanish Muy buena musica. Besos desde España


"Just saying hello while listening to your great tunes, Thanks" STARZ AT KNIGHT(aka Margaret)


"I like your sound. Thanks for the request and the add. Drop by some time and give a listen. Have a great one! Al"


I like your EZ music :) Hoping your consolidation doesn't turn into frustration and aggravation! Have a great week


i love it my friend. best of luck to you in the future. peace and love. -elijah


"Fantastic Work Great Music" Luis Beyra


"Thanks for the request! : ) Great music! : ) ~ Traci"


"Thanx for the request! I am glad you found me :-) Realy super cool music.... WAW Evy - The Queen Of Music


"Jesus Christ man, fucking cool musiccccccccccccccc! Xavier Panades and the C.A.T.


":] hey there! thnx for the add nice musics <333" §hêwwïê [[†hê hµggåßlê ðñê]]™


Always a pleasure to visit your page Have a nice week end Hello from Paris Nick"


"Hi! Whats up, Friend? Your music is cool. We like it. Greetings from Hamburg/Germany THE HEADSTONES"


"Hey guys, thanks for finding me! Keep up the wonderful work. Best... Delara"


"hey thanx so much for the add love ur music... hows everything going? love The DiamondGirlz Abigail xxx"

"Love what your doing. The bedroom eyes track is really doing it. rach x" I love the sound of your vocals and i like that your music as a whole is different from what i've heared before. It was a pleasure recieving your request. rach x


"u rock!" Ruthie Bram "Bram Glam"


"Hi EZ Great sound! Enjoyed it. Many thanks for coming by. Robert"



"Dig your bluesy, classic rock sound. Thanks for stopping by our page; enjoyed visiting yours." Rustic Spirit


"Hey guys, what a nice kind of easy riding music. Remebering me to early Dire Straits. Thanx a lot for inviting me." Torsten Dechert


Hi EZ :) btw - what;s your 1st name?? sorry it took me so long to answer -Im not on the computer too much after work hours- how are you guys doing?? do you ever tour in S Cal?? yes I am interested in a CD Linda


thanx for friend request, been checkin out ur work, sounds good! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi there just can telling u I do like your Musik. May u write a song for me ;-) just kidding have a great Sunday. Wishes from germany.


"thanx 4 the request! i like "Love Lights THe Way"!" Masashi


"ta 4 request new buddy ... sounding fgood there ... fair play to u solo man ... all the best ... philly" ThE rEaLi PoPpI pHiLi HaY


"Hi! Thanks for the friend request. I like your music - great stuff! Best wishes. Keep rocking!! Mario M. (El Rockero)


"Yeah,you on your way." Will Freed


Yep!!Definately Like That tune!!


"Hey Man Thanks for finding me. Cool stuff! ;-) Peter"


"Hi Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed listening to your songs. Very nice! When you get a chance, please take a listen to my song "Green Path To Heaven" which encourages environment-friendly, peaceful lifestyles. Enjoy the music and all the best, Charles Bosco- songwriter, Miami, FL"


"hey, cheers for the add, much apreciated liking the music much lovin TrioAcoustic x"


like your tracks. Body: You've been added. Please add me. Thank you.


"Thanks for the friends request! You rock! I am listening to all your songs right now! Stop by my space anytime and have a listen to The Blueswinder Theme! Peace! Suzanne" blueswinder sister


"Thanks for the Add! Your music sounds great, and I do wish you blessings in all that you do!! Go out and get what you want in life, don't wait around for someone to get it for you! Always do the best with what you have, and always strive to do better. God Bless! Truely Yours Jarvis Evans


"Well done, EZPowell Band, thanks for the request. Rock on!! John Spillane."


"thanks for the invite great music! Mark




"Hope your Easter is as great as your music is ? ~~Happy Easter~~" Patti*


"Thanks again for your interest! Nice tracks! All the best, TYN."


"thx 4 the request and the good music grtz fr Belgium, Edwin & Quinten"


"Thank you for the friend request. Your music is great and I love your voice. What a beautiful talent you have been blessed with. Keep up the great work. SMILE :O)" Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow


"hi, and thanx! I hope your persistance pays off! ;) Good music, keep it up!" Patricia


RE: I hope my persistence pays off too Body: That's one of the thing it takes! That and talent, and you have that!! Best wishes to you!! :D


"Your cd Bedroom Eyes is awesome. I can relax and enjoy listening to your tunes. Song 1,4,7,11 are my faves. You rock. Happy Easter and enjoy Spring Break." music is the key


"Nice stuff!! Thanks for the Music!! Kerry's Dad


Hi, there! Thanks for the request! We're glad to be your friend. We love your music. We'll be checking in regularly for more of your great music!! Please keep in touch. Thanks again! Take care! SOONERS


"The EZPowell Band What up. Much Love and Respect to Ya! Check out our new site. Very Interactive with 100's of Videos!


"Thanks for the add and your music sounds smooth. Victor"


"Hey, Thanks for adding me to your music page too! I hear a strong Grateful Dead influence in your music Maybe a little Dylan and Kinks too Sounds awesome Kev"


"Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed listening to your music. I'll stop by and listen again soon. When you get a chance, please take a listen to my song that encourages environment-friendly, peaceful lifestyles, titled "Green Path To Heaven." Charles M.A. Bosco


what's happenin ez? keep on keeping on. peace, dave"


Keep hustling because you will have your breakthrough. B"


"Thanks for finding us and having us on board. Have a Happy Easter break and lovin your tracks. Very nice Toodlepip from Australia Shea CEM" (Cross-Eyed Mary)


"Thanks for the Friends Request. I Like Your Music. Especially the Fact that You Write, Compose, Edit, Play All Your Own Instruments and Do the Vocals, too! All Pretty Impressive and Amazing! Happy Easter! El:)"


"welcome, my new friend! happy easter holidays and keep grooving, "servus" from vienna, monika"


"hi there! thanks for reaching out. great tunes here! i enjoy this. greetings! good thing we´re all cought in the web, hearing one another! a doublebass and a diy-synth are playing for you at my page, hope to have you all over!"




"Thanx for the add.Music sound good,truly awesome.Keep up the good work." CJ


"thanks brother, cool music, thanks for hangin with us, have a great day,larry casabella the new outlaws pickwick tn," The New Outlaws


"Great Tunes!!! Thank you very much for taking the time to check us out and for your support. All the Best. Geezer Sound Company Maker of Quality Speaker Cabinets featuring Celestion and Eminence Speakers."


"Thanks for the Friends Request. I Like Your Music and happy easter" babette


"you are truly amazing :)" brooke


"Thanks for the friendship and the groovy sounds brother! MusicLoad™ at MusicLoad.Com


"thanks for the add, we glad to be part of your new friens, stay in contact songs." Blueshift


"You guys are great... hard to pin down style-wise. That is something I always appreciate. That is the same reason I like Ray Charles." Keith Dale


"I hope that you have a wonderful Easter holiday! And, Thanks for the friend request! love your music! Luella


"Thanks for the invite. Your music is EZ to listen to. Soothing. Sounds great. Muah...Dot"


"nice, cool songs. Thanks ezpowell" RH


"Hey thanks for checking us out! Dig the tunes!!! Cheers... ELSTON"


"Thanks for the request. Sounds good!" Stonecult


"Just dropping to say Hi and to wish you have a Great Week- Take care and Keep on plying Good Music...-Kiss-Laura"


"Hi EZPowell Band! Just been listening to your tracks. Tightly played with excellent arrangements and relaxing vocals to listen to. Like Bedroom Eyes in particular. Excellent! Keep creating in 2007! HypJoinT


"Cheers for the add & support guy's Great tunes you have going by the way :) Caleb Garfinkel


"Hey, thanks for the add! You've got some cool music, man. Keep it up.. cheers." Daniel Kingsbury


"Hey, thanks for the add! Awesome stuff. I like 'Wild Ride.' Aaron the Magician'


"Thanks for finding us. Great tracks you have here. Do drop by and say g'day anytime CEM


"thanks for the request. love the music. keep it commin'. malca baya"


"Thanks for the add! Good music! Let me know what you think of mine ;)" Robert Yi


Nice tunes for a mellow easter evening....ROCK'N R'CHARD


"The EZPowell Band, Dig the sound! Thanks for finding me and for the request; I am quite honoured and would love to speak more with you! Have a great Tuesday and excellent rest of the week! Best and continued success in all you do! Keep in touch and take care! xoxo, Kate"


"Hey there, Mildred here. Did I miss something? Did your site change or am I finally getting mad cow disease?! My brain hurts. Either way, still sounding pretty sweeet! take it easy, Mildred The Cow"


"Welcome! Good rhythms. Nice to meet you." Hugo Silva'


"Hey, we met before! You're welcome. And "wild ride" sounds good. Have a nice day and cu. SMOOTH FLAVOUR (kristin)"


"thanks for the request. very nice." ood


"Way Cool! Thanks for keeping me as a friend. You "Rock"! Alicia


"Sounds great! Keep it moving... :) Sarah"


aww cute comment i like your music =] cya jess xx"


thanx for the frindrequest,nice tunes! jah bless...


I like your music Body: I've worked for radio stations in sales for about 10 years. It's a hard market to break into. I wish you luck. Pam


..the music is nice and easy, just like a day out. schön. gitti


"You're amazing misterEZ !!! jean-claude


"Hey EZ, Love the sounds, good stuff, I play most of the instruments on my site also, Wish'n all the best for you, Fred"




"Great sound! and thanks for the add :) I like this Easy Listening style bye" NidrajCalud


"nice licks!" Portobello Pizza Con Ricotta's Comment: "keep up the good music! take care and best health." SILVERTONE


"Hey EZ Powell! Thanks for inviting, very good songs! Best wishes and respect!" Jorge Landeira


"hello ez one man band, thx 4 the req, you sound cool to me!!! best vibes from rome, italy rinaldo"


Nice tunes! XO's - Dracula


Hey EZ! - Dude, thanx for your inspiration as a solo artist kick'n it in our crazy world of music!. I really dig your sound EZ, and I hope your world ROCKS 4ever!. Peaceout Ratu - Everisingsun


I really like your music. Great sound - June the moon


Nice tunes. Good luck putting the band together - Willie T


Solo artists always amazed me, a band is great, but you can do it alone!!!! Love from Tahoe - Paula


"Hi, Pleasant,listening to your lovely music and voice..... cheers,V....."


We have had the pleasure of hearing your music and love it -


"Thanks for stopping by. Nice sounds." - Owdnick


It's all good. I like your music. You are a talented individual. XO's Dracula


One day we will be able to buy all the CDs we want. But for now we can just support each other. I like your Wildfire song. Love & Gratitude - Kali Angel


"HELLO from South Carolina!!! THANKS for the add request...Love your music....*HUGS*" - Lady_Into_Blues


"Thanks for finding me and sharing your music... You are quite talented... :-} Peace..." - Chrissy


"Hi EZPowell, thank-you for the request, I am glad to add you to my friends list!!! Great tunes, keep them coming!!!! God Bless your new friend, Janet."




I love your songs. Your style is original. You have now a new friend in France ! I wish you the best - Eric MONTANA."


Awesome vibe! Much love - Steptoe & Carlene x"


"Thanks for the add. Very soothing music." - Lishasdreams


Cheers. FUNK ON. The HOT SHOTS ;) PS: Like your stuff!"


"I love your song wild ride, your music is easy listening which I love. Santana might just be beat." - *Twinkle Star*


"Your music sounds great!" - Love and Light


"i like your voice" - Flying Leek


"Quality guitar playing, very easy listening. I will definately keep my eyes and ears on ur page - Di x"


i do like your music, its not you typical georgia stuff if you know what i mean, although its been a while since i was last there!!


Your music is very interesting Dagmar


"Love Bedroom Eyes,Take care." - BROWN


Aleksey Osipenkov's Comment:


"Hello there! Very glad being friends! Nice music - I like it! Alexei


Great songs!! - trust


"Hi, Great Music! Have a Great Day! ~barb~"


"Bedroom Eyes is a great song. I like your voice!! Wish you a lovley day!! Greetings" - Chris


"I really like your music... very soothing and easy on the ears... thanks for sharing! Wish you were in Arizona! ~Renee~"


"Hi There EZ, Your band sure has a great sound, being so that your the only one in it. Your songs Bedroom Eyes and Wildfire are some great songs. Your voice is excellent!! Also Thanks for adding me as your friend, that was really nice. Take Care and God Bless, Sincerely, Marilyn"


I Enjoy Listening To Your Tracks...Awilda"


I enjoyed listening to your songs. Keep on making music. Sounds great! Love and luck from Germany - Christina"


"Hi EZ, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, keep the great music coming!!! Take care and God Bless your friend, Janet."


Funny i saw your name on here and at one time i had a name EZmoney on paltalk which i still do but hardly go there any more. I want to say i like the style of your music.


"Hey Man, Great tunes! - John - (AStudioJ Project)"


"Thanks for adding me to your friends. I like your music and if you're doing it all by yourself you're doing a great job. Keep it going and you'll eventually get to the big time. Don't give up. Mary"




"Hello EZ. You got some very good and interesting music! And I think it's great that you can do it all by yourself! Take care with greetings from Sweden! //Caroline"


"Hey EZPowell Great music,I liked sound,interesting! All the best wishes --AnChiX... =]"


nice music, Body: Very nice indeed EZ. Brother Lo


Oh, I think you'll be a star one day in the near future. You'll make it because it's something you love. Keep plugging away and it will show soon. Mary


":-)) Nice picture on the cover Your CD! Great stuff! Nice music! Thanks for finding me. Best regards from Warsaw in Poland! Keep swinging!" - Janusz Szrom


Well,youre wery welcome!Nice comment for nice[read-cool=] band!And thanks for sending word back :) --AnChiX... =]


"hi / thanks for the add / nice sound" - shaun/electricfender1


really nice musik - Andy


"Hello EZ Powell Band, I like your music! Many greetings- Karrygold"


you have a fantastic voice and the songs are excellent. Take Care and God Bless! Sincerely, Marilyn


"Great chillout music!" Roy


like ur tunes - Burnsey


"Hi there:o) LOVE the music in here;o) if you need a smile or two just try my profile..where you can also listen to another wonderful voice .. Mr. (Variation)Stig Rossen.. love Suz" - SuzN0176


"Hi thank you for finding us. nice tunes,wonderful voice. love your songs "Bedroom Eyes"is great. thank you for the friendship "cicles""


"Hey hey, Your music is totally tops! Elizabeth,


"Digged the sax in "Wildfire". Brought back my old days of playing Sax when I was in school. Gave that instrument up many years ago, enjoy the challenge of string instruments better. Working on learning Mandolin now. Peace" - Jay D


"i like your music very much...antonio ianni"




Listened to "Wildfire"...very enjoyable. Greetings from Perú, Antonio" - Antonio Esteban


"Really enjoyed listening. Great to be friends. Wishing you a wonderful day! Tima


"Hey EZP, Thanks for the request, Soundin' Awesome!!! Check us out, Thanks, ROUNDERS AND ROGUES"


The DnA Project's Comment:


"Bedroom eyes is a great tune, we weren't expecting vocals like that initially, but it really works. The DNA Project


"hy, if i come up with anything sugestions, i'll hit you up. love the bedroom eyes." Valerie


Just came by to show some support and listen! Keep up the great work! <3 Madonna"


"like your music!good luck and best wishes!:)" Ninuka


Congratulaions on reaching 10,000 friends..Thats awesome. I am honored to be one of them. - Hugs Jody


"I am back! Thank you for making my days! I would get back to the Hotel room with smarting, aching feet and I would read your comments and you would bring a smile to my face.....Thank you! Smiles and hugs! Luv Ya! Lupita"


"G'day EZPowell Welcome to Mudbelly Country Great mix of tunes you have ." - Mudbelly


Keep on doing great music. Best wishes and take care - Patricia


"Hi EZ, thanks for finding my music and wanting to connect. Great tunes man!! - Chris"




"i love this song so much:) cool." - tata


"Hello EZPowell! You are a very clever man - I shall be leaving comments for you & would very much like to ask you some questions too, as I am so impressed at how much you have achieved all on your own. I am a little bit of a tenacious old coot when it comes to working on my my music, but you have taken this to even more admirable heights! Glad to meet you! Chip :-)"


"Just wanted to stop by and thank you for adding me. Cool site and sounds! Keep in touch. All the best, Ronn Lynn


"Great music, thanks for adding it." - Bob Starling


Took a listen to your stuff. Very smooth. Nice and relaxing. Keep up the good work! - 12 Bar Productions, LLC


i think your music is great and I did request so hopefully you'll be rich and famous soon.. I don't live in new york though - Chelle


Took a listen to your stuff. Very smooth. Nice and relaxing. Keep up the good work! 12 Bar Productions


music is cool, Do you use Pro Tools? how do you record all your tracks? I'll go online and listen more. - Dwight Shumate


You are doing a great and hard work, but i think and believe things are going well. Keep in touch. Best wishes from Bogotá, Colombia - Patricia




"Definitely some cool music ya got going on! need drums?... (real acoustic drums???) Look me up hey? Keep on rawkin my brother!" -John


"damn yall sound really good" - REED


"Hello ! Thank you so much for the add and for your great music, I really love what you do ! Best wishes from France - Sylvie"


You have a really good talent, I've listened to your music and it is great!...and I've listened to alot of bands in my life. Don't be afraid to travel and take risks too. Do whatever works!! Good luck! :)


SONANAUT's Comment: "Hi EZPowell Great sound. Really fresh Best wishes and greetings from NYC - ...S..."


"Hey EzPowell, Longtime no comment,sorry been busy lately.Still enjoying your music and will be checking out a few places on my end to get some air time for your music!Peace and don't get to discouraged it will happen soon. Many Blessings to you! Gordon"


"EZ, Sounds great! DIY! -Chuck


Howdy from Texas! Ok, so I added Bedroom Eyes to my page! I love it! Here is wishing you a wonderful weekend! Gotta luv it! Dance to the music! Feel it and move to the rhythm. Smiles and hugs! ¡Muchas sonrisas y abrazoz! Lupita"


beautiful and original!! - Gachupin


"just stopping by great music!" - estella


"Your site's great~ Ms. D


Hello The EZPowell,, Band Keep on doing what you do. You are excellent. Thanks for visiting my site. Have A Great Day!" KeysDAN®


Kurt h. / Commander Cody Band this Saturday-2pm has posted a new comment about you on MySpace!


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"you sound great............" Kurt h.


"I love you guys!" - jenny


Blake Aaron (ON TOUR NOW) has posted a new comment about you on MySpace!


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"Thanks for stoppin by! hope all is well. take care and keep up the good tunes- blake"


"Hello EZPowell. I just wanted to say thank you for the ad. Cool jams!!!!" - THOMAS


You got it goin' on! I am going to do my best to help with your passionate request from the heart. I hope I can/will be there for you. Leisa


Hi :) thanks for messaging me ....( I love your music !!) Have a nice weekend ;-) Agnez


I DO dig yur sound...." - Ninure da Hippie


By the way. I really like how you have taken a kind of blues based, "classic" rock sound and made it sound both fresh and comfortable. Very cool. Max


"Hey There, How are you? Just thought I'd drop by and say Hello :) Hope all is well :D great music EZPowell - April!"


"hi my friend, thank's for your message, nice new sound, greetings from cologne Aky"


"EZ.... I'm digging the new Christmas song my friend! The mix is good and the instruments are layred nicely! Good Job!" John


"I love your music, you are such a telented musician. Any change of a gig? I supose it would be dificult really.. cause you can only play one instrument at a time.." - Bob Starling


"Enjoyed the tunes! john / Jacob BLue"


You have some very impressive recordings. I will be contacting you regarding the lunching of Hit Music Keep up the fantastic work. Elle Riche


I like your music very much - Shirley




Hi...Listened to some of your music and really like it. Welcome to my friends list!! My name is Julie Durden, and I live in Acworth, Ga. You are welcome to visit my profile anytime and hope you enjoy my artwork. Hope to get over to your show soon in Cartersville....if I do I will also bring my son, Alex, who is very much into live music. Take care and God bless.... Julie


"Good Music, nice and refreshing." - jacquelyn


Gavin, I have some very good news for you. My listeners really like Wildfire. It is in the top 10 tracks out of 80 tracks. Scored 9.5/10 and is currently at 8.9/10. This "drops" takes place with any song as the time goes on. Soon, like every other song, it will drop in the 6.0s and I will need to rotate it out for a period of time. The other good news is there has been no "drops", so people are listening to your song. Drops occur if a person gets busy or whatever or hates the song they are listening to. So I expect 1-2 per song and higher if they really dislike the song. Yours has had no drops. Remember my crowd tends to be easy listening/adult contem/jazz/semi classical. Your song, which I like, has a catchy sax player and good melody and singing. The more I listen to it, I like it even more. So good news......., Derrick (


I hope you do well. I feel that if enough people heard you, you would really make it. Great voice, lots of talent. Good Luck Malinda


Hello EZ, We liv close, letz hook up, hang out! I'll come see your band, let me know when, send me some info! dankededank dank... sound good? finally, close music... need to feed...... c u.. mYa


DoNT haTE mE CAuse U ainT mE.: oh ok but hey like ur music its really good.


Chele Willow: Hi again! Thanks for the add request - Bedroom Eyes is a great song! =Chele Willow=


little raven: thanks for finding me! great music! i love blues a lot :)


ALOHA BRAD: Weird I aprrove You aS my friend,yet it says your space cancelled? your music kicks major ass ALOHA NUI BARD


Granmaw: just heard your tunes and i can honestly say i do love thesound of your voice.....very much.....good luck in all you do.....have a great day...............


Marie and Leo: Hi EZ, I don't normally listen to this type of music unless it's playing in the background at the bar, but it sure is catchy and you sound really good. I'll post this to my message board for my friends to view and pass along. Good luck! Marie


I really like your voice. Deep but yet soft and sexy. I wish you all the best and God Bless. pretty lady


I LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER (HUGS). luv your music, thanks for letting me know about the video (hugs) BETTY


good luck. your music is great. you need to get it out there! - Julie


I wish you all the best! With all of the band influences that you have (esp. Wishbone Ash!!!), I believe that you will have an INCREDIBLE sound! I hope to hear that you will be playing some local venues soon! Good luck with practice! - Kelli


"Nice grooves it! We should jam sometime, somewhere... ES"


EZ Powell Band, great work, I really enjoyed your tracks! Last Drop Studios - Great stuff. I really enjoyed "Wildfire" very awesome track! I'm an intern with Last Drop Studios in the bay area (California), and I've been assigned to scout new bands for a studio promotion. I think you'd be perfect. We're really pushing to make connections with artists we'd prefer to work with, in order to keep enjoying our jobs:) We'd love to show you what we can do with a new or even previously recorded song of yours. We'll master or even remaster it at no charge:) All we ask is that your recording sounds as good as possible to begin with! We've made a reputation for helping artists from around the country achieve a really big and full polished sound. You can check our work on the Last Drop page. It's easy to send a song for us to work on for you through Nothing to lose, except great sound:) Please email Last Drop and have a look around if you're interested, it's in my top friends list. We'll send you a friend request as well. Cheers, Martin Last Drop Studios


"Nice new track EZPowel. Keep up the good work my friend. San Martin


"Smooth, very mellow, i respect a musician who still produces instrumentals, awesome music" Gage




"Love your music!" Eleura


I loved that really did have a smooth groove. Nice work. Still solo? Leisa


Like your sound! Tinkerbell


i really enjoyed your music look forword to hearing more!!!! i'm just an old hippie myself and i love your style! - Cindy


You are a natural. Leisa




Best wishes in the next year and keep the good work .." Adam K


"I think your voice is great...smooth. Music sounds choice." Leisa


Yes Dear, I know MySpace only goes so far, but it's a stepping stone. have great talent, and something new. It just has to be heard by the right people. I am amazed that you put this all together by yourself! You impress me! I wish you lived in Montana, I'd hook you up with some locals who have traveled with some of the best! I am on your side! Mister Powell, may I have your first name? I can't find it anywhere! Mine is Melissa. Praying for your success!!! They call me Mama!


Hey There, Thank You Very Much. I am Enjoying the Music =) Sending my Love April


glad you like the flower pics.thanks for a are very calming like your music. Inez


Im new at this my space stuff - your music sounds cool - keep playing - linda


"Thanks for finding me. Indeed relaxing and peaceful music. Bedroom Eyes, Wildfire,Busy Funk and most of all Love Lights The Way are beautiful tracks. Keep up your good work.:) Have a great day." music is the key


"great music my brother,have a great weekend ,larry casabella" - The New Outlaws' Angels


"Hey - I like your song- Good job- I like your writing too- I'll be back often-" - Leah Banicki


listened to your music for the first time today. AWESOME!!! - sharon


"Cool Tunes EZ!!!! Cheers My Man! Mach Four - Cyber Punks


"Thanks for adding me to your friend list! Your music is great." Dorah


Your music is awesome. Hope you will come back and visit us again sometime. BOYCE & HART


Thanks for coming round my way I LOVE THE STYLE VERY MOVING ,you are gifted well my friend stay around regards dylan.


Liking the music I'm hearing from your site. All smooth on the ear and well played. Congrats! Out of them all, I like Love Lights The Way. Keep creating in 2007! HypJoinT


"thanx 4 all!! great zound!! sté stón


"Thank you for being a new buddy. Love your stuff. Much success to you. And please feel free to drop me a hello often as well as updates to keep me in the know on what's new with you. Thanks again for being my new bud. Laters, evon"


"For being a one man band your awesome . I hope your dreams come true." Tammy


" thank you for the request,EZ! your tunes of peculiar beautiful sound is great. i love 'em.


"Thank you fort the invitation. Very nice music and sound.. will drop by as often as possible. st wishes, Tasha~"


" luv ur music!" TokyoDiamond




sound is great. As a complement you are like Eric clapton meets the drummer from the band Traffic eating dinner with Stevie Nicks. - Avant-80


"THANKS for req. Really nice sound !!! Greets from ATHENS." JOHN


"Hello, thanks for the request...I fit the lyrics of bedroom eyes...your musing was so funny:)but I really like "Busy Funk" sandy"


"hey hows things? enjoying the tracks, they go well with the wine i'm drinking :-)! cheers dude" - The Escape Committee


"GREAT MUSIC! ... Thanks for the Add and Keep Up The GOOD WORK! ... All The Best from The (Slightly Demented) HOYBOYS!" - HOYBOYS


"Hi,Your amazing ,a one man band. Have a blessed weekend.Sue"


"Lived in McRae,Ga between Macon and Savannah for 4 years! I know where your at! Keep Soothing the South!! Kentucky Woman :)"


"What a terrific sound.Thanxs for finding me.Have a good weekend.Lisa"


your music sounds pretty cool man - your music sounds pretty cool man, sounds a little like dire straights the guitar player and lead vocal sound nice and tight - johnny


Impressive work!!! you are doing in music - all by yourself. I love it. Nice opportunities on your page to purchace too! I want my son to see this sometimeo soon. I was trained classical keyboard, but have done many styles. Have friends that do a lot of mixing. I will check out some of your work soon. Thanks for the friendship and opportunity to learn about your great musical inventions. - Glen


"Cool tunes yo" Jacob Bauer


"Hey! thanks for the request! How are u? Good Music! Big Kiss from France! Vir ;)"


"Thank you very much for the add. You music sounds very good and especially the number "Love Lights the Way.Greetings from the Netherlands , Wil"


"very soothin'...i like it bro...thanks...stay jammin'" Prew


"Thanks for the wonderful add. I really like your sounds!" Dinah


"Thanks for the add request, I like your first track (didn't have time to listen to the others yet)." - melomaniac


"Hi there!! like your style, mr. one man band... your tunes are great to listen to!! thanks for stopping by my page, peace & love from italy!! Rosy Sarra


"Thanks for the add! I like what your doin! All the best! BC


"Love your sound. Thanks for the Music!! Keey's Dad


"Thanks for the add. Nice music." Littlerain


"Hey there EZPowell Band, Keep up the good work! Bram Glam


"Nice sound. Very clean and professional sounding. You do good work." Jerry C


"Thanks for the add~~Love your sound. " Golden Hair


"Nice sounds EZ. Different! Thanks for the invite. Hope you enjoy my music.....Paul"


Your music is really,really great, and I'm gonna have a wonderful trip listening to it along the way! Kentucky Woman




"What great EZ tunes! Thanks for the invite Best of luck - Roni Bryant"


ROCK ON!...and remember this... Great minds have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. - Albert Einstein"


"hey there! thx 4 request.... wassup? nice music" Natalia


"Hey, there, EZPowell Band.... nice tunes. Have a nice week-end. Thanks for the add. Kim


"Cool music........thanks for the the invite to be your friend!! Best of luck with the music!!" - Kimmie


"Hi There EZPowell Band, Thank You for Adding me on your list and you got a cool profile with good music too and i hope you have a nice day and i hope to hear from you soon sometime." -Bill


"I like the music -mellow and smooth, good job." - Athagia Ria Inceria


"Thanks for the add! And I love your music!" - Victor: The Country Brother


Thank you for the add request. I truly enjoyed listening to your music. - Moon Dance Mom


"THANX 4 THE req! gREAT MUSIC REALLY ;-) xxx E."


"Thanks for the request,great tunes." - Baris Sam


"Love your music! - Kim


I listen to your music and it sounded smooth. I hope you will be successful. Good luck. Debbie Coker


"I love your song bedroom eyes, the other ones are great too, but that one is my favorite. Keep the good music coming...I'll keep checking for new posts or post a bulletin." - Pamela


"The doctor approves " - Dr Shipman


Thanks for the ADD. I really dig your mello, progressive groove as well. --peace Andy McCue"


dDidn't have much of an opportunity to listen to your music when I clicked the "accept" link...just a cursory listen which was enough to say "yes". I've now had an opportunity to listen with a bit more focus. I like the style...unique, refreshing. So much of the music made the past twenty years or so has been without vitality...slick productions, yeah, but hardly any substance lyrically or musically. Don't think I'm the only one saying that and, heck, Bob Dylan said much worse. Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know I like what you're doing. I figure, also, if I'm gonna click the accept, especially since it says "add friend" no harm doing it like a human being and sending back a welcome of some sort just to keep it that way. - Take care Bryan Anthony -


"Great Man, great Songs!!! ROCK ON" - Easy Blues


Hello you! Just wanted to stop by to say hi. Your songs are 1derful !! Love them. Have a fabulous day Blessings to you, Terrie (ps- thanks for the pic comment..... I think. lol)


U r funny…Not only are u talented, but u have a sense of humor too, that’s a plus…I’m not sure what it is about that song, but it sticks to yah…I’m sure u have more good songs…I’ll keep checking your site for updates. Where do I get the CD?? - Pamela


"Hey, just stopping by to say thanks for the invite. Really liking the tunes. Have a very blessed day and stop by and say hi sometime:o) - Sarah Jennings


"Nice to be e-friends! Good tunes. all the best" FX


"hey, thanks 4 the friend's always my pleasure 2 meet new ppl ... oh wait... that's what the last guy who commented on your board said. Sorry! Sometimes I get so ditzy! You have real nice toons. Seriously. Thanks for the invite Claire


Thanks for finding us. Enjoying your music. Greetings from Norway; -Lillith-"


"Thanks for the friend request - Your music sounds great - Sunflower


"Thanks for the addy. I really enjoyed listening to your music. Patty


"((((OOOOOOOOOO))))NICE" - L710R


"Very Cool Tunes!! Good to hear from you and hope all is well~! - Mach Four


Hey I like your sound it has a Gary Jules kind of sound to it,that's the kind of thing that makes me proud to be an american.


"Glad to have you on my friends list. Your sound is great! The Waiting


"Thanks for being a friend Nice summertime grooves! Feedbag Five


"thnx 4 the request. love the music! take care! Wendy"


"Thanks for the Request!!!Your Music is very good!!!Greets from Tübingen/Germany!!!" - Mittellica


"Hey EZPB - I thought we were already mates - but hey - its great to be back! Lovin the wave just the same and the choons! S-Tone"


"Thanks for the add/request! soft easy listening. Best Wishes!" - she made me do it!!!


"I like Busy Funk! Keep it going." - love true


I ckd u out and I thought u were good, u do all ur stuff by urself and u do a great job! U must be busy busy busy!!!!! lol U have a distinct sound....people will remember that! - she made me do it!!!


"thanks for the request, great tunes up here!" - No blues


"I really like your stuff. Thanks for the request!" - Amy Hudec


"HI! Thx for the request! Nice tunes! All the best! Marcin"


I like your stuff, it's really cool. Very catchy. Rachel


Love your work - Blue"


"soundin good bro!" - Sir Nahgora


"Thanks for the Add and Keep Up The Great Music! ... All The Best from The HOYBOYS!"


"Thanks for adding us, man! Nice music, keep up the good work! Cowboys from Hell"


"thank's for the add i like your songs may be see in futur YiPpi ZéLé


"mate your music is well good. thanks for add and keep rocking." Zube


"softrock rules :-))) - thx 4 the request, man. ONE,F" FLOKO


"Hi , thank you for the add , great tunes. cheers" - Mars di Grass


"good shhhtuff keep it up. Joe lewis" - Joe


"Hey thanks for the add! I will definitely check out your music :) xo" - Sasha


"Thank's for the your music.." Wendy


"Thanks for the request. Think of me if you ever need some tickets!" - Ravinglunatix


"Cool the guitar work....thanks for the request" - Les


"I'm really diggin' the guitar in your music. Sounds like Santana!!" - Michelle


just checked your page out. Great sound! right up my alley! I'll have to get your cd. I've just started writing my own music. Angi


"thank u for add me !you rock men !i loved your musics !!!! peace and sucess = )" - Pedro


"Hi, Friends are kisses from Heaven.You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings.Sue."


love your music!! Hope to catch one of your shows in Aust or US sometime peace~"


"I likeed ur music. tks 4 the request. a big hello from mexico. gretel :)"


"Hello mister! nice tunes in here :D thanks for finding us and being our friend! greetings from oslo,) JANE


"Thank you for your digital friendship! Nice tunes!!!!!" Me and My Gitarr


"Hello, love the tunes, great work!!" - Andrew Freddy Scoffern




hEY EZPOWELL BAND!!!!!!!! Thanks for the add!!!!!you sound a little like new Carlos Santana. Sounds great from here in Texas. cheryl :)




"thanks for the add good music I love music it is my life :-) Melissa


"I like your lirics! all the best. Luis Araya


"GREAT MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!" JODI


"This intruments' sound is magic. I like what you do, thx for the request!" Cocade




let me know went you are go to play i would like to come see and hear you live you are good - melissa


"Hello there. Bedroom Eyes is awsome. Lovin' your work. Mooooooo!" - Jamie


I enjoy ur music right now.. just get it yesterday.. thanx so much.. it´s getting good.. and very good disposition to cut ur sax.. hehehehe.. anyway good luck with ur music.. hope u sell some.. U produce all ur self.. ??? thats a big job .. oh my oh my...Have fun and kiss ur baby..Inger B


I have been meaning to let you know about Gavin's music. Andy and I think it is really good - it reminds us of Santana in the style. It is nice relaxed music. -MainForest


Really enjoyed your music, AWESOME!! = Tina


Hey EZ, I like the tune. It's got some potential. It'll be interesting to hear where you go with it. BTW, I love your song "Bedroom Eyes". Kinda reminds me of J.J. Cale meets Dire Straits meets ??? (that's the original sound, which I really like). - Randy


"EZPowell, Thanks for finding me.. All that sound from one man, Fantastic.. My Pleasure... Peace through Music.. - RatherRock"


When I first heard the vocal it reminded me a lot of JJ, but a little bit like Mark Knopfler too. The guitar sounds a lot like Knopfler but, again, I can hear JJ in there too. Another thought I had was Bob Welch, if you remember who he is, but I don't hear that as strong as JJ and Mark. Having said all that, I also stand by what I said about the ??? part -- I hear something in there that I find really fresh and original sounding, even with the other influences. The song itself reminds me a lot of the mellow, but powerful, stuff that JJ Cale used to do -- a really sexy, smoky kind of undertone. - Hope this makes some sense. - Randy "Freight Train" Wayne


"Thanks for the request and good luck in your projects, the sound is very good" - RockandFlash


"hey - thx for tha requst - very pop-like sound... i like it! greetings - LeninGratt"


"glad to have u on my friendslist! I love the music! my favourate is bedroom eyes! Bless U! Sheila


"thx for add... great music... mfg the mike"


"Hello ther thanks for finding me and for your friendship....nice"


"cool sound, man. thanks for the request. i find it amazing you do everything yourself- the sound is really good. do you play out in the area? let me know, i'd like to check out a show. peace, BW" - Ben Wade


Yes! I like!!! let me know how I can get it!! :-) have a sweet day urself! Bless U! :-) - Sheila


"Now thats tallent - where do you record" - Andy McGeoch's


" thank's for adding my band to your site you have a great sound - keep up the good work - Shattered


"Thanx for the req!!!!! Great music!!!!!!!!!!" - Scarecrow


"I absolutely love you ... !! this is very happy, brave music -- peace, paix ... -- johnny bass-face " - The Second Skin Orcistra's


"you have a different sound.i love it!" - Charlie's Angel's


"Hi EZP... Veri nice work - keep it up. Thnx for request. Respect from Denmark. Dog Barking at a Distance"


"hey whats up - just thought i would drop in and say hi - i have never heard of you before until you where on my friends request list but i do have to say that i like your stile its different - hope you have a great week take care" - nikole


Dont give up man!! - Your stuff with the right set up would kick ass in London..shit japanese friends talked about you.... - BRAD


"You have a really nice voice and great music. I really like it:) I wish you all the success and happiness - stella"


"muchas gracias por la amistad virtual EZ! thank you for the virtual friendship EZ! your music have a veru nice vibe! wish you good luck peace CIBO FERNANDEZ"


"hi, thanks for the add :D your music sounds really good!! have a great day ;)" - Elisabeth


"Thank you for adding me. I enjoy your music now. I thank for offering splendid your music. - The Natto Brothers Band"


"Ey thanks for the add!!! And good sound!!! We wish you to enjoy with our music. "CoM&Do ZuLú""


"hello thanks for the request to be my friend enjoying you music thanks stop by any time love maryann"


"Good evening, I just got your cd from CDBaby and am enjoying it very much! Keep the faith!" - Janice




"interesting sound! thanx 4 the add :)" - the homewrecker with a heart of gold's


"your music are the BEST" - ((++DArk sOUL PlaYING WitH sciSSor++))'s




"Love your sound, rich yet playful...I'm a new fan, as well as a Friend! - Ben


oh ok but hey like ur music its really good. - DoNT haTE mE CAuse U ainT mE


Hi again! Thanks for the add request - Bedroom Eyes is a great song! - Chele Willow


thanks for finding me! great music! i love blues a lot :) - little raven:


Weird I aprrove You aS my friend,yet it says your space cancelled? your music kicks major ass ALOHA BRAD


just heard your tunes and i can honestly say i do love thesound of your voice.....very much.....good luck in all you do.....have a great day............... - Granmaw


Hi EZ, I don't normally listen to this type of music unless it's playing in the background at the bar, but it sure is catchy and you sound really good. I'll post this to my message board for my friends to view and pass along. Good luck! - Marie and Leo


I really like your voice. Deep but yet soft and sexy. I wish you all the best and God Bless. - pretty lady


Hi, sorry I haven't had a chance to sit down and reply to your message. Thanks for inviting me to listen to your tunes. You've got a pretty good sound. Keep up the good work. Best of luck with your music. Keep in touch. Later. - Babydoll 30 (aka...Adrienne)


I was listened your music, really cool and also your voice is nice...good stuff. Good luck. Lore


I'm sorry to read that you are not getting any responses to your email from MySpace. I personally have only come across three, no junk involved. Don't give up on MySpace, if those of them out there can't respond to you then they are not worth your time. There are just some people out there that don't know how hard it is to be a real musician and don't appreciate it. I enjoy music and view it as an art. Just keep going and eventually they will all catch on. - Jennifer


You do have a Dire Staits sound. I like your music! I'm new to my space so I'm not sure if it's a good medium for you to use but good luck! can I add you? Maybe others will see you on my short friend list and decide to give it a listen then like your sound as well:) - rachel


Sounds good! I'll forward this on. Thanks!! - Cynthia


Cool I love it, Let me know where you will play at, We will come check it out. - EJ


I tried to add you as a friend but it would not let me. See if you could add me as your friend. I like your music and I would like to buy a cd. How can I do that?


thanks 4 finding me, u r interesting, i envy ur drive. - Red Headed Librarian


your music is very unique! I like to music to it - Amy


Hey, sounds good, gotta support my hometown boys! Good luck! - sandy


Hi Again. I think I've told you before.. but I like the laid back rythm you produce.. one thing - believe in what you are doing.. noone wants to hear a song where it sounds like you are not really believing it.. be true to yourself and continue with the sweet sweet laid back night songs.. sounds great - Frau Ball and Chain


hey ezpowell...i listened to your !*#$ ... sounds really about to start this music site as well so keep your eyes open for it...maybe one of these days we can network when i am more official and have more connections...but the music sounds great...keep up the good work... WorldWide Westwide


I like your music - but I guess I am not the person to have contacts with - I dont work with or even closely with anyone in the music business. I do like your voice when kept low and rough - definately like tom waits. Your music is easy to listen too and makes people feel good, that is a blessing, really it is. Keep up the good work and keep plugging away at it!


Hi there! Thanx for the mail. I just listened to your songs ... and I like them. Yes, there are many so-called musicians and song-writers out there. And not every one is talented. But I think you are! Greetings. Kathrin


I think that your sound is very smooth and soothing to the soul. I also think that your instrumental talent is exceptional.


I liked it! Not something I would normally listen to, but it's kinda of soothing. And I liked Bedroom Eyes. You're on the right track. Keep it up! Arizona


Sorry man. Good stuff - really just not my genre. Bedroom Eyes I liked more than any, but definitely keep it up - original to say the least. Fresh sounds - never really heard anything like that.


Pretty good. Reminds me a little of Leonard Cohen! Keep it up!


Sounds great. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future.


As I said I would listen to your music - it's pretty cool. Your songs have a good sound and feel to them and I like your voice! Keep it up.


I like your music. It's more like a "nice day at the beach" music, which is a good feeling ... keep it up dude ... peace out.


Cool. I like the music! Kinda relaxing. Thanks.


Not bad. Not bad at all!!! I like. You should have no problem getting your music out there. Just keep on doing what it is you are doing. And keep the faith. Good things will happen!!!


Wow. You're really good. I love it!


Hello EZPowell. Thanks for the mail and it's a littly funny, drums is the only instruments I can play and I haven't done it for years. I have listened to the songs you have uploaded and it sounds good to me. You have talent EZ and a good voice, something like Marck Knopfler. I think you can go very far Keep up the good work and good luck -Bent


Band: EZPowell, Genre: Acoustic (Soft Rock). Cool Groove. Mood - I like the jazzy/bluesy groove of the song. Rhythm - the rhythm is good, and enough to bob your head to and dance but not too fast either. Sound - could be a little better. The production could be cleaner and the vocals need a bit of tweaking - PTLeena from Newbury Park, California on 17Aug2006,


Not bad. Ended bluntly. Mood - Cool loungy jazzy type atmosphere from the intro. It's almost pop by the end from the chorus. Rhythm - Really repetitive with little dynamics throughout. Try to change the drum beat on the chorus to add a little more to the dynamics. Sound - Not a bad song, but the guitar playing along with vocals don't give it what it should. - MidnightSweet from Austin, Texas on 16Aug2006,


Nice mellow sound. I like how all the instruments and vocals are brought together. It was especially difficult to integrate the guitar riff behind everything but this is well done. Backup vocal doesn't always blend well and can draw attention from the lead vocal. Song seemed to end suddenly but overall I like it. - tangence from Arkadelphia, Arkansas on 12Aug2006,


Unusual. This is a very long intro with four distinct sections, two sax solos and two guitar solos with a vocal humming that sounds like someone soaping themselves in the shower, all underpinned with a latin-type percussion. The electric guitar sounds a little off, like it could do with a bit of tuning. And then, a full minute in, we get to the vocal. It's a slacker voice and delivery, not unpleasant, but much better when it stay low because some of those higher notes are beyond reach. The mood is pretty strong and well defined, and the sleepy performance adds rather than takes away. I'm not convinced that the song is very good either melodically or lyrically. If you like the vocal is just a matter of personal taste. Production is quite poor - it's just a question of money and time to move things up a couple of notches. - robintymm from Ashbourne, United Kingdom on 11Aug2006,


Unique. I can honestly say I've never heard anything quite like it. Very different. Vocal style is very unique. - Galileojazz from San Antonio, Texas on 8Aug2006,


Understated but very cool. This is very nice work. All the players are really doing nice work here. Its very cool and different, interesting harmonies and solos. Lyrics are inticing. This one works for me. I'll put it on my playlist. - gorean0 from Lk Forest Park, Washington on 8Aug2006,


Arrangement undermines This almost sounds like a guy duetting with his radio across the room, the sax sounds a mile away. The drop-out breaks are jarring -- is that a bass guitar I hear two miles away? The constant lead guitar recalls The Shaggs -- I TOTALLY recommend listening to The Shaggs if you haven't already. Musically, the song is fine. I like the melody and the harmony (not the harmony vocals, though). It IS a catchy song. It's just not delivered as well. The lead vocal is faux Dylan and the harmony vocal sounds almost like a Sesame Street Muppet (Grover, Bert, Ernie), especially near the end. Overall, the arrangement ideas (the weird drop-outs, Muppet harmonies, constant lead guitar soloing) and production quality (weird drop-outs with miles away instruments) undermine what sounds like a solidly written tune with a good hook. - mosquitobingo from Seattle, Washington on 8Aug2006,


Work It. Kind of layed back mood to this one.Some different ideas as far as arrangement.I think this could still be worked a bit,still in demo form.Good Luck - woodyjames2 from Unspecified on 7Aug2006,


Ummm, Umm m good song,good mood,good rythm and lead is very smooth,a sound distinct to its own,gret awsome job found myself bouncing to the rythm easy and sax is good too. - ShaneRawson from Simpsonville, South Carolina on 6Aug2006 ,


Good beat. It really has a mellow mood about it. It feels relaxed and light. The arrangement has a lot of texture and has a great bass line that carries it along. The guitar parts could use some help. The tone could be adjusted with more bass and low mid toning and some reverb. It's also slightly out of pitch in the lead lines. The rhythm is nice and rolls right along. The sock snare cuts through and gives it continuity. The sax is alright for it's parts but again I would adjust the EQ on it. Everybody seems to be in the same bands of EQ. The mix needs to spread out across the sound picture more. The lead vocal is good for this song. The harmonies need to be tighter. The notes are OK. The lyrics could be polished and tightened. But I think is a hook in there somewhere. Take more time and tighten it up and this could be a memorable song. - secretmtn from Cottonwood, Arizona on 5Aug2006,


G Dead. Sounds a bit like the Gratefull Dead. Also reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon. The guitar is distracting me from the vocal. I would suggest alternating those melodies. - weedhopper from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 4Aug2006,


Except for the fake drumbeat. This sounds like two pals having fun, singing in front of a campfire. A feelgood mood. Production wise it sounds more like a sketch, not finished. But I really like it. Especially the way the two voices blend together, twisting around oneanother. Cool sax coming in towards the end. - onesadhorse from , Sweden on 3Aug2006,


needs a litte tlc. Mood: I really like the mood on this, it's got an awesome jam-jazzy feel to it. Sounds like the musicians are genuinely enjoying themselves. rhythm: it's pretty good. the band establishes a nice groove, especially the guitar and sax. sound: id take the effects off the acoustic guitar. it always sounds best clean. the vocals miss in a lot of places. the production is generally sub-par. if you could remedy those problems, youd have an awesome song. - BenRowe from Huntington, West Virginia on 3Aug2006,


Locomotion Station. Mood - This tune is real relaxed like a day at the beach. The guitar riff that repeats is simple and gives the song that mellow mood. Rhythm - I like the rhythm cause it has a real Grateful Dead circa Terapin Station / Haight Ashbury feel. Sound - The song is very creative and the vocals are Southern as you can get. Notes - I would recommend getting more high end on the vocals and upping the rhythm guitar track so that the song doesn't sound so start and stoppy-more compression on the backups-and the drums sound a lot like a loop and could come up in the mix. Other than that, it is real grooved and has a good feeling. - drrobjob from Lexington, Kentucky on 2Aug2006,


GREAT! great wind instrument! unexpected i must say! I like it! everyting in this song (the voice, the guitar, the, melody, the lyrics...) make a contribution to the fantastic mood in this song. GREAT! I will definitly listen again! right now! - hanna_widforss from Västerås, Västmanland, Sweden on 2Aug2006,


Simple and catchy. The mood: Catchy and happy. It a fun sound song. The Rhythm: I like how the groove works, but I think you need to change up the breaks. They become to predictable and I think that start ti kill the over all mood of the tune. The Sound: Production-wise the song sounded a little muddy and the sound is thin. I thnk if you work on the arrangment and loose some of the later breaks, perhaps double the sax line toward the end it may help fatten the sound. Over all nice job !- Fretsfreak from Pearland, Texas on 31Jul2006, - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Unplugged - GarageBand (Aug 16, 2006).


3/2/2006, Chilling Me Down: Different vibe to this- cool melody line...


3/2/2006, Bedroom Eyes: Like the lyrics and the music comes on almost soft rock but like what it's doing sounds great and singing has good emotions coming out real well Jimmy Lee -


3/2/2006, Bedroom Eyes: Nice tune ... good voice ... "lusty pill" is pretty funny ... lol ... The vocals are too loud to the music, but a remix could fix ... --ts -


4/3/2006, Let's Get Real: The backing vocals are a cool ad & placed great in the mix. Has a cool beat to this bluzee tune. -Devin -


4/3/2006, Let's Get Real: Liked this bluesy tune from the get-go! Interesting production ... good job Gavin! JJ - Song - Songramp


4/4/2006, Chilling Me Down: The whistling freaked out our new puppy, who's sitting on my lap here at the computer! But the song has a nice mellow feel. You're right--simple lyrics to set the mood. - Songramp - SongRamp (Apr 4, 2006)


Love is a Wildfire on


Bedroom Eyes on


Gavin.....Very cool tune (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow). Kind of reminds me a bit of the Wallflowers. It's very jazzy. I'd wet up the sax part a bit. You know, add some reverb, and perhaps some chorus. I'd also add some effects on the voice somewhat. The harmony parts were nice. I'd add some effects there too....Maybe give some space between the main vocal part and the harmonies. Either pan them differently, or bring them back in the mix. Perhaps a bit of both. I also like the sax parts. The vocal parts are nice too. The higher harmony part is cool too. I'd add another vocal part in there to solidify the harmony. Perhaps either a higher part thats a 1/3 higher octave. Lee Olsen - Co-writer Musician (Jun 4, 2006)


Im hooked - I really love the one Bedroom Eyes. Wow! Ur gonna be a star. I knew when I heard your voice there was promise there. I cant wait to see more. It's awesome. I have your songs on my desktop!! Kareoke performer - (Jun 25, 2006)


I think this is great - what a talent! The myspace thing is well put together, and easy to use. I like the mix of music, initially it made me think of Mark Knofler in Dire Straits. However, ones like Wildfire had some jazz/blues/ country side to it too, which made me want to sing along. Definitely the sort of stuff that you would want to listen to in a nice cafe or on a chillled evening somewhere.....let us know if he is ever performing in the UK and we will definitely be along to hear more - Lucy (Feb 23, 2007)